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There are good reasons why yoga is so popular. Yoga chicago loop Combining exercise with mental wellbeing, yoga is a rejuvenating practice with plenty of variety, and it can be easily adapted to all different levels of experience.

• Soothing your mind.

Yoga shop schedule Yoga has been shown to help calm you down and reduce stress and anxiety, giving you a chance to focus on your breath and movement.

• Building your fitness. Yoga yoga northwest austin tx Yoga can be slow and gentle – but it can also seriously get your heart rate going. Be yoga milano prezzi Isometric exercises are great for cardio health.

• Increasing your mobility and flexibility. Stretch out and move your joints through their full range of motion, and you’ll start to see a difference in your everyday movements.

Hot yoga is not a new idea – and with the huge popularity of heated yoga classes all over Australia, it’s one trend that seems to be here to stay.

The idea behind hot yoga is to replicate the heat and humidity of India, where yoga originated. Basics of yoga breathing The heated room helps you stretch deeper into each pose, as well as helping your body to sweat. Yoga for knee pain youtube Plus, it forces you to breathe deeply, a central part of yoga practice.

While scientific evidence of the benefits of hot yoga (as compared to regular yoga) is surprisingly modest, studies have suggested the heated practice can improve flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control. Yoga instructor job description It also gets your heart rate up for a cardio workout, and may help increase weight loss. Learn yoga app And as loyal fans of the practice will tell you, that kind of sweating feels pretty amazing.

For a long time, hot yoga was synonymous with Bikram. Yoga poses pictures for beginners These days, though, there are many different styles of hot yoga to choose from, so you can find one that suits you and your body.

How hot? 30 degrees. Power Living says this temperature helps loosen up your muscles and connective tissue, increasing suppleness, joint mobility and flexibility. Jivamukti yoga poses It also promotes sweating: a great way of detoxing through the skin.

Who would it suit? If you want a serious workout and enjoy a sense of community, this could be the practice for you. Tara stiles yoga stretch Although all levels are welcome, it’s recommended to do a few beginners classes first if you are new to yoga.

The verdict. A great workout and an accessible style of yoga. Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain The simple yet holistic approach teaches a practice and a way of thinking you can apply to everyday life.

How hot? 37 degrees – core body temperature. According to One Hot Yoga, this aids flexibility and muscular control without unnecessary risk. Dhyana yoga philadelphia The studio has been specifically created to facilitate flowing practice with lower risk of injury or strain.

Who would it suit? If you haven’t tried hot yoga before, this is a great place to start. Yoga download mp3 The slower flowing style lets you to get used to exercising in the heat. Balance yoga barre norman The option to practice in a slightly cooler room at 27 degrees is also great if you want to focus on particular poses like arm balances and inversions.

The verdict. The stunning, architecturally designed space really achieves what it sets out to do – create a space that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but enhances the yoga experience altogether.

How hot? 40-plus degrees. Yoga exercises for weight loss The principles of Bikram state this temperature enables deep penetration to be achieved in each pose, and makes you sweat profusely.

Who would it suit? If you enjoy a ‘coaching’ style of yoga instruction that encourages you push yourself that little bit further in every pose, Bikram could be for you.

Exercise safely: See your doctor before trying any new exercise. Laughing yoga video Always stay hydrated and listen to your instructor for advice on staying safe during your workout.