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The Tank is SERIOUS business (at least outwardly. Asana yoga It’s the more classic sensory deprivation option, but I was warned it can be a bit much for first timers.

The POD is the most fun word to say, and apparently, also one that most folks choose for their first time.

Yoga center for healthy living brighton mi It’s got lighting and music you can control from the inside, so if you’re prone to claustrophobia, this could be the one for you!

You’re led into a room containing the sensory deprivation tank of your choice. Yoga photoshoot ideas Scrub off in their WONDERFUL shower, jam some earplugs in, strip down, and dive in (well, step in, it’s only 10 inches deep).

There’s a little optional head rest float to put your noggin in, but other than that, your body just floats in water saturated with HUNDREDS of pounds of epsom salt. Pure yoga east prices I closed the door, laid back, and closed my eyes. Yoga london city For once, I hadn’t done a ton of research on the experience, checking all the reviews. Satyananda yoga nidra mp3 free download I was going in blind. Yoga ottawa st laurent And as the darkness set in, I was left alone with my thoughts.

Initially, those thoughts raced. Yoga postures pictures for beginners Everything from my week’s workout schedule to cookie recipes to bridesmaid dresses. Bikram yoga london bridge Sometimes I forgot to breathe for a second and had to take big gulps. Yoga beginner sequence Gradually, and then all of the sudden, it just stopped. Yoga practice at home youtube I realized I had my eyes open at one point and didn’t remember opening them, because it was pitch black. Yoga to the people nyc My mind was blank. Yoga breathing techniques names I didn’t fall asleep, I just… floated. Yoga teacher salary uk I couldn’t tell which parts of my body were under water, because everything was the same temperature. Lululemon see through yoga pants images But my breathing slowed, and I kept floating, completely weightless. Asha yoga midtown It felt very natural.

Not asleep, not fully awake, my mind floated along with my body. Agni yoga mayfield I can’t remember thinking anything specific, just a peaceful dreamlike existence for my hyperactive mind. Fun bonus for the sore body: All that epsom salt can boost your magnesium levels, which can improve your circulation, improve your body’s ability to use insulin, ease muscle pain, regulate electrolytes, and relieve stress. Yoga exercises to lose weight after pregnancy So flotation has science backing it, too.

Unfortunately, my reveries were interrupted towards the tail end of my float (I opted for the 60 minute experience, but you can do 60 or 90). Yoga camp day 6 The jets that regulate the temperature kicked in, and shook me a bit. Yoga asanas for lower back pain I’m assured this does not normally happen, as they can assure they’re off, and a total mistake. Yoga nyc groupon I will say, though, I wasn’t able to get back into that same state after settling back into my cabin of quiet. Yoga house It was definitely calm and soothing, but I had trouble disconnecting like I did for the first 40 minutes.

For the rest of the night, I realized that despite leg day the previous day, my legs were no longer sore. Yoga tips for beginners Nothing was sore. Yoga magazine nederland Full disclosure: a day later, I’m sore again, but that’s probably because I worked out about 3 hours before my float.

flotation’s pricing ranges from $75 for a 90 minute float, to $60 for 60 minutes, and this price drops if you sign up for a monthly membership. Weight loss yoga beginners If you have trouble shutting your brain off, floating could be great. Yoga bee brighton mi If you want to soak up some of that beneficial magnesium, head on over. Yoga for your core If you’re looking for the gift for that fit freak that has everything, or your workaholic pal that could use an hour of relaxation, BAM consider a giftcard.

We’re all busy bees. Yoga mudras list From work to play, dating to dining, school to spinning, it’s easy to forget things. Pilates workout 30 minutes abs Birthdays, anniversaries, you know… the kinds of things that make us depend on Facebook reminders. Yoga chicago gold coast Enter: UrbanStems.

Your friends in D.C. Yoga for weight loss youtube and New York have been sending stems for a year or two now, but with their Philadelphia and Baltimore launch, UrbanStems is growing like a weed. Power yoga exercises for weight loss videos Luckily, their bouquets are a little nicer than anything you’d pick from your backyard.

There are heaps of intramural sports leagues in the city where you can play everything from kickball to cornhole to volleyball to broomball to ultimate frisbee. Pilates plus workout But, apparently, in Canada, the trendy move is axe-throwing leagues. Yoga and weight loss poses And you know what I always say,

I schlepped up to Kensington with beau in tow to check out the scene and we were promptly introduced to our Axe-pert (if this job sounds perfect to you, UrbanAxes is hiring!) who quickly showed us the ropes (REALLY quickly. Pranayama techniques in telugu Like… 2 minutes. Youtube chair yoga for seniors flexibility This isn’t rocket science.) And then, it was throwin’ time.

Butcher Bar is warm and welcoming AND has the ability to have all those beautiful windows hurled open and transform into an open-air party spot.

Last night, my beau and I joined a few foodies for a real sausage fest as the Butcher Bar team flung out the red carpet for friends and family. Yoga for fertility seattle They brought the meat, and the heat (literally, we were a sweaty mess). Yoga in pregnancy for normal delivery Luckily, the bartenders were happy to cool things down with refreshing cocktails.

Their cocktail menu is bourbon-centric and this New York Sour packed a tart and boozy punch. South boston yoga studios But if you’re a fan of old school classics (See: Old Fashioned, Sazeracs, and Vieux Carres) you’re in business. Yoga music blogspot And baby, business was BOOMING.

Boda is a hip little joint inspired by Thai street food and tapas, serving up gems like these Kanom-Krok Quail Eggs seasoned with soy sauce and scallions. Yoga for depression youtube I know we ate other stuff, I promise you. Yoga richmond ca I have vague memories of killer brussels sprouts that are all but washed away by the distinctly crispy edges of these huevos, the salty soy, the vibrant bite of the scallions. Maha yoga If I could eat only these for all meals, I’d be happy. Be yoga charlotte nc Minus the high cholesterol, or something, but definitely happy. Thai yoga massage culver city And hey, while we’re on the topic of eggs…