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Following a set schedule is extremely important right from young age to keep fit and healthy. Yoga for hair growth results If you haven’t been following a strict routine, it’s not too late to start. Baba ramdev yoga diet weight loss Switch off all your gadgets and sleep on time each night so you can wake up early.

Morning – Your elders aren’t wrong if they ask you to have soaked almonds each morning. Yoga hosers full movie Soaked almonds keep your heart healthy and boost your memory too. Yoga articles 2016 They also lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss too. Yoga poses for abs muscles Begin your day with a handful of soaked almonds.

Breakfast – If you are saturated with savoury items for breakfast and craving something crunchy and sweet, then this fruit and yogurt muesli is the perfect recipe for you. Yin yoga at home Just mix the three ingredients and top it with honey for a delicious hearty breakfast.

Lunch – Ditch the traditional oily chhole recipe and try this oil-free version of chhole. Yoga room ideas You are not going to find out the difference at all. Yoga nidra network Relish it with rice or rotis. Pregnancy yoga exercises for normal delivery You’ll have to give bhaturas a skip since you are trying to lose weight.

Snacks – Keep some boiled corn ready in the afternoon so you can make a quick snack in the evening. Best yoga asanas for memory and concentration You can pack it in your snack box as is or make this Thai corn chaat which is a mix and match of several flavours and just perfect for the 4pm hunger pangs.

Dinner – Treat your family to a royal dinner with this healthy nawabi curry recipe. Best yoga poses for hip flexors It’s ideal for weight watchers and is rich in vitamin C and fibre. Yoga stretches for lower back and hamstrings You can add all the vegetables you like.

At home – Want to slip into that figure hugging dress next month. Yoga nidra steps Start with these 7 exercises that take only 10 minutes of your time for getting in shape. Yoga sequences intermediate You can repeat the sets and increase the time of exercise each day to see faster results but don’t overdo it.

Yoga – When you feel down and low mentally and are unable to gather courage to do achieve your goal, you need some motivation. Yoga magazine jobs Yoga can help remove all the negativity from your mind and also banish the internal fears. Prenatal yoga positions third trimester Practice abhaya mudra in such situations to gain inner strength and positivity.

At the gym – Flyes are a great workout for your shoulders, arms and chest. Sadhana yoga If you are aiming for a otned upper body then you must the 3 versions of flyes namely dumbbell flyes, pec dec flyes and crossover flyes at the gym today. Music for yoga practice youtube These are beneficial for women too as they lift breasts and tone your arms.

Sleep well tip – If you are unable to sleep for an hour after lying down, then don’t keep lying down. Antigravity yoga nj You can take a stroll in your house, read a book or practice deep breathing and then go to sleep. Yoga everyday gaia Here are 10 common sleep mistakes you should avoid.

All set to get fitter and healthier? Spread the word by tagging your friends and #NewYearNewYou and @HealthSite4U. Yoga exercises for beginners for weight loss You can even mail your pictures, and we’ll post in on Facebook, Instagram and share it with our Community.

Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. Yoga for your neck If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Qi yoga bukit mertajam Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition — hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. Yoga international day or are pregnant.