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We are living in a time of dramatic change that is global and filled with fear and uncertainty. Yoga in tamil wikipedia A friend of mine, Cindy Wigglesworth, author of a book about spiritual intelligence, points out, it doesn’t matter if someone is conservative or liberal, rich or poor, male or female or who won or who lost in the election — most people are afraid right now. Be yoga and dance Some are afraid the system is corrupt, and others are afraid those who do not share their values are going to force unwanted change.

I feel a strong sense of fear personally, and recent events in the United States and other countries have been a shock to my habitual optimism and my sense of trust that the human race is evolving. Santa monica yoga santa monica ca I spend a lot of time reflecting on how to respond to what I perceive as support for hatred, violence and bigotry.

Pure yoga east address Frankly, I am horrified. Youtube hatha yoga class I try to stay positive and to say, “Look, the sun rose this morning, and it will set again tonight.” But then I hear about potential governmental changes that could be devastating for the most vulnerable among us. Yoga nidra guided meditation youtube So, I am seeking to understand my own reactions and to understand the realities of today’s world in a way that can guide me to take positive actions.

Lothar Schafer, a retired chemistry professor from the University of Arkansas, wrote a book titled Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live. Yoga yoga kannada mp3 song He writes about the new structure of consciousness and oneness that is emerging and how the integrative mind can combine spiritual views of the world with a rational understanding of the cosmic order. Yoga feet exercises This quote from his book helps to provide a larger perspective on the integration of the spiritual and the rational worldviews, and to perhaps give some underlying meaning to things that might seem chaotic in the moment.

Physicists such as Bohm, Eddington, Heisenberg and Jeans started this process [of combining spiritual and rational views]. Yoga dot calm canyon meadows All of a sudden, they found themselves in a reality, in which the invisible is real and mindfulness must be accepted as a property of the universe. Hatha yoga pradipika summary With this, they were drawn into ancient structures of consciousness, but their minds didn’t become archaic or magic minds, because the ancient concepts appeared quite naturally, without any stress, within the rational structures of physics. Anchorage yoga anchorage ak The outcome is something absolutely exciting: an integrative view of the world that accepts all the virtues of the past, unifying all aspects of reality — its physical order as well as its mental and spiritual order.

Previous jumps in the evolution of life typically occurred in times of global stress, when life as a whole was challenged and survived through the cooperation and mutual support of its various forms. Meditation music for relaxation and dreaming free download Thus, when unexpected aspects of the wholeness of the world appear together with signs of stress — as this is happening at the present time — it seems prudent to prepare for another movement of the evolution of life.

It seems that “life as a whole” is being challenged, and I am praying for signs of cooperation and mutual support. Sup yoga chicago If I can believe these signs of stress are the preparation for another movement in the evolution of life, it makes it easier to move out of my current sense of paralysis and into looking at what is mine to do.

Ricardo Levy, a Silicon Valley executive, sent me an article he is writing, titled “Dealing with Uncertainty: From the Crucible of Anxiety to the Chalice of Change.” He explores the difficult business decisions that must be made by leaders, what Daryl Conner calls “burning platform decisions.” These kinds of decisions occur when a leader must choose between two negative options.

Ricardo faced a burning platform decision when one of his key investors — the Koch brothers — suddenly pulled out with no explanation. Ashtanga yoga shala brisbane Then, he read this phrase in a blogpost by Bob Quinn, a management professor: “Leaders pursue their purpose by stepping into the crucible of anxiety.” Merriam-Webster defines crucible as “a vessel of a very refractory material (such as porcelain) used for melting and calcining a substance that requires a high degree of heat.” A second definition is “a severe test.”

Ricardo writes about understanding he had to step into the crucible and stand there “with a great ‘churn’ in the pit of my stomach — and the sensation of being ripped apart by the process.” He writes that we have to endure the heat of the crucible until a new understanding crystalizes.

One way to do this is to go into meditation or prayer and imagine that the crucible is a vessel that is outside ourselves. Ramdev yoga for weight loss medicine When Ricardo meditated, he saw an image of love pouring into the vessel and realized that it was now a chalice — “a vessel that brings transformation when we drink from it.”

As we live in the stress and busyness and anxiety of the holiday season, I find it helpful to remember this metaphor of converting the crucible of anxiety into a chalice of change. Weight loss yoga baba ramdev videos Almost all of the major religious and spiritual traditions have some kind of holy day this time of year, and holidays bring family and community members together.

There are so many things we can be anxious about, big and small. Yoga poses for beginners at home Will the gifts I got for my husband and my sister be a good fit for them? What food will I prepare for the various events and when will I have time to shop? How do we handle the different political views when the family gets together? What can I do this time of year to help the homeless, the refugee family moving here to Fayetteville, the Magdalene House, and others in need? And what can I do to hold the space to bring more love and light in the world, the way Jesus came to do?

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