Donating dhrama

Dhrama texts have long been known to soothe the minds and spirits of the sick, whether they are bedridden, in palliative care or terminally ill and nearing death. Yoga techniques to lose weight For those who are in severe pain, physically reading the texts is often not an option. Beginner yoga poses video Caregivers can help out but all too often do not have the time. Yoga youtube vinyasa Now, though, help is here through the advent of dharma audio books.

The initiative, known has Wittayu Boon (literally merit radio) consists of a pocket mp3 radio player containing dozens of dharma audio book files. Different types of yoga and benefits These are now being distributed to hospitals for use by patients, mostly on palliative care or ICU wards, on a loan basis at no charge.

The sets can be switched on by the nurse or the patient’s family and left on the bed so that patients can listen it without wearing headphones.

“We wondered at first if it would be too noisy and disturb other patients, but a nurse told us that it isn’t disruptive even in ICU, where most patients are on some kind of medical support system that’s louder than the radio,” says Natnicha Satitjindawong, who started the project using her own funds.

Natnicha came up with the idea when her friend gave her a handy mp3 radio player from China and explained that it had a micro sd card slot that could be used to download audio books. Patanjali yoga quotes She started by downloading dharma books and giving them to friends who had sick or bedridden relatives as well as to Ramathibodi hospital. Yoga diet plan The feedback was excellent with nurses reporting that many patients seemed livelier and more relaxed after listening to the tapes. Bikram yoga melbourne locations Some who had been bedridden for years were seen unconsciously clasping their hands in a wai while listening to the chants and prayers.

The audio files contains on micro SD cards with 8GB and 16GB capacity with a variety of content varying from mantras, storytelling by famous monks and Buddhist audio books such as “Khoo Mue Manut” (“Handbook for Mankind” – the best-known book of the late monk Buddhadasa Bhikkhu).

The 8GB capacity files contain about 20 books and the radio player can run continually for hours before requiring charging, either through a USB port off a PC or notebook computer or a mobile phone charger.

Born into a wealthy family whose businesses include the language school franchises Inlingua and ECC, Natnicha has occasionally been involved with charity projects, most of them related to Buddhism. Information about yoga day They included the publishing of books gathering teachings from well-known monks that she presented to friends as a New Year gift and holding meditation workshops.

“At first the audio book project was just a one-off but the feedback was such that I talked it over with Phra Phaisal Visalo, who encouraged me to continue with the Wittayu Boon,” she says.

Natnicha turned to Facebook to try and raise funds for Wittayu Boon. Center for yoga She searched and found good quality radio players and micro SD cards at bargain prices and along with her friends started to choose the audio books files, asking for permission from the owners and then copying them to the SD cards one by one.

The radio players, a battery, a charging wire and a manual were then put in a package and distributed to hospitals who put in requests through the Buddhist group networks.

Natnicha continued funding the project herself for a few months. Qi yoga mona vale Today, though, the Wittayu Boon project is receiving donations and Natnicha is calculating the number of radios that can be given out based on the funding arriving in the account every month.

“Then they want the radio to give to their loved ones like their elderly parents and friends who are sick. Yoga tv series But as the sets are not for sale, I ask them to donate Bt500 or more per radio so that I have enough money in the fund to buy more radios for underprivileged patients upcountry,” she says.

One of the beneficiaries is Pinya Jirathanacid who had lost faith in Buddhism following an unfortunate experience in which her mother donated all the money her family had to a respected monk 30 years ago. Youtube yoga for beginners weight loss Pinya was suffering from the sequelae of an accident when she was introduced to the Wittayu Boon. Bhakti yoga A successful insurance sales representative, she later donated to the fund and handed out the radios to her family and clients who were in pain.

“I don’t force them to listen to it, I just ask them to promise to take it back if they don’t like it. Hatha yoga pradipika poses I give them about seven days to try and then will call them to ask if they want to return it or not. Postures de yoga None of them has so far,” she says.

She clearly remembers the case of one man who had been bedridden for three years. Santa cruz yoga schedule A week after listening to the tapes daily, his condition improved to the point where he could get up.