Dermatec preps alcohol-sensing patch for market _ albuquerque journal

………. Music for yoga practice youtube ………. Antigravity yoga nj ………. Yoga everyday gaia ………. Yoga exercises for beginners for weight loss ………. Yoga for your neck ………. Qi yoga bukit mertajam ………. Yoga international day ………. Tri yoga boston ………. Basic yoga poses pictures ………. Maha yograj guggulu ramdev ………. Prema yoga nyc ………. Yoga pranayama breathing exercises ………. Different types of yoga meditation ………. Best morning yoga routine video ………. Beloved yoga great falls ………. Yoga funny pictures ………. Best yoga poses to lose weight ……….DermaTec’s alcohol-detection patch is $1,500 closer to commercial launch, thanks to a new Indiegogo campaign that the Albuquerque startup launched just before Thanksgiving.

The company, which created a skin patch that rapidly detects alcohol consumption, is seeking $50,000 to start manufacturing. Nirvana yoga barrington il DermaTec’s founders, about half of whom are University of New Mexico students, believe the patch can promote more responsible drinking by allowing friends, family and others to stop people from driving drunk, said co-founder and business development manager Matt Aaron.

“It offers a quick, visual indication of alcohol consumption that could encourage friends or family to not let someone drive just because they say they’re okay,” Aaron said. Home yoga room design ideas “We want it to promote social responsibility.”

The patch could potentially be used as well by law enforcement, employers, bars and ride-sharing companies.

Best yoga classes for beginners nyc DermaTec is in initial discussions with Uber to possibly include the company logo on the patch and offer discounted service when drinkers call for a ride, Aaron said.

UNM nano science and chemical engineering students Anh-Dung Le and Duncan McClure developed the OnusBlue patch because of their joint interest in using sensing technologies to create easy-to-use, affordable products that help resolve social problems.

“We wanted to create something with good social impact that’s disposable and doesn’t cost much,” Le said. Light on the yoga sutras of patanjali free download “It’s something you use once and throw it away, so people might be willing to buy it multiple times. Yoga mat reviews lululemon We chose this product because alcohol is easy to detect compared with other substances, and DWI and drinking are global issues with a potentially big market.”

The patch uses common substances often employed in saliva tests that create enzymatic reactions, Le said. Ashtanga yoga sequence video The substances can detect alcohol in sweat. Yoga pranayama breathing The formulation turns the patch blue when sensing alcohol, with the blue coloring growing darker and darker the more someone drinks.

DermaTec completed its first patch prototypes last spring. Breath and body yoga It’s now working to raise money for bulk manufacturing. Santa cruz yoga swift street It received $40,000 from a local angel investor and will use Indiegogo funding to outsource production next year.

In the meantime, Dermatec is getting a lot of local attention. Yoga classes uk It was one of ten companies invited to present in a startup competition during Steve Case’s “Rise of the Rest” tour in Albuquerque last September. Ashtanga yoga paris horaires It also won a free trip to next year’s South by Southwest conference in Austin, plus three months’ free rent at the FatPipe business incubator Downtown, during last month’s Scrappy Startup Challenge.

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The company expects to reach profitability as more users sign up and economies of scale kick in. Downward dog yoga centre For now, the revenue-sharing model is covering expenses.