Daybreaker’s pre-work dance party takes over la

Yoga meets all-out dance rager at Daybreaker, a (sober) morning workout-cumdance party that’s giving health-minded Angelenos another reason to get up with the early birds.

Picture this: The beat is thumping, the dance floor is packed, you’re sweating, smiling, euphoric as the sun starts to rise. Moksha yoga markham groupon It’s morning, but you’re not at the tail end of an exhausting all-nighter—you’re kicking your day off with an epic, pre-work, thousand-person dance party.

This is Daybreaker, the wellness-meets-nightlife love child of entrepreneur best friends Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer, which is turning dance culture on its head in cities across the globe. Nirvana yoga sunderland Started in New York in 2013 and now in 15 cities and counting, Daybreaker is a completely sober experience meant to bring people together and get that blood pumping—starting with an hour of deep house yoga followed by a two-hour immersive, full-on rave.

“It started as a social experiment,” explains Agrawal, who worked on Wall Street and founded Super Sprowtz, a children’s multimedia nutrition education company, prior to launching Daybreaker. Bikram yoga dallas schedule “Our friends were beginning to feel all this friction when they were going out at night—the mean bouncers, everyone on their cell phones, everyone on their stiletto heels and red lipstick and not really being themselves. Bikram yoga vancouver commercial drive I didn’t feel safe, and I was a version of myself that I don’t even know.”

She and Brimer decided that they wanted to strip all that away and just get back to the basics—dancing, sweating, and being together with your friends and community. Iyengar yoga poses for scoliosis Designating the parties as sober, morning-only events made all that possible.

But keeping them substance-free and pre-dawn wasn’t enough for Agrawal and Brimer. Kundalini yoga youtube videos Even before the duo threw the first Daybreaker, they decided to define five core values that would guide them if and when they grew and expanded. Nada yoga tinnitus Those values are: wellness, camaraderie, self-expression, mindfulness, and mischief. Yoga everyday benefits “These core values have remained very consistent over the last three years,” says Agrawal, “and I’m really proud of that.”

Mischief, she says, is the most important of the five values. Sunstone yoga schedule “Our goal is to always find new, mischievous ways to wow our communities and inspire them to wake up and dance. Jnana yoga practice If it’s the same place over and over again it gets boring.” In LA, that means spaces like Ohm in Hollywood or a Hornblower boat party out of Marina Del Rey. Prenatal yoga youtube “Our LA market is our best-looking, athletic, and super-magical,” Agrawal exclaims. Yoga west katy “I’ve been beyond impressed and inspired by the unbelievable community in LA. Yoga for upper back pain relief video It is the community to watch for sure.”

While those core values have been with Daybreaker from the beginning, as the parties have grown into a full-blown movement, Agrawal has come to realize a greater purpose that they provide to their revelers: a sense of belonging. Be yoga paris She cites studies that found one in four Americans as feeling deeply lonely and isolated as the underlying factor driving this desire for belonging. Yoga breathing techniques for beginners “New research has shown that not only does loneliness create emotional damage,” she explains, “but it’s also bad for your physical health. Nidra yoga guided meditation So having weak social ties is as harmful as being alcoholic, or twice as harmful as being obese.”

“The number of letters and emails I receive,” recounts Agrawal, “and the number of people who wait to talk to me after Daybreaker to be like ‘Hey, this has changed my life. Yoga symbols and meaning I met my friends here. The yoga room auburn I met my community here. Nada yoga school reviews I didn’t know where to go. Living yoga center I found a sense of belonging here.’ It’s really what pushes me every single day.”