Daily life 2016 women of the year finalist noni hazlehurst_ ‘it really feels like i touched a nerve’

In May, the Play School favourite and A Place to Call Home and Mother actress saw her accolade as an opportunity to add a human message to celebrations.

“I was disturbed … Mantra yoga schedule that a ‘misty-eyed’ response to a particularly frightful human story in the news was deemed inappropriate,” Hazlehurst famously told the nation during the TV industry awards, taking aim at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s view that Australians “cannot be misty-eyed about” offshore detention.

But it was perhaps her concerns over the effects on children of today’s news cycle that rang loudest and, within moments, her speech went viral.

Speaking on the eve of the announcement of Daily Life’s overall 2016 Woman of the Year, Hazlehurst said the media needed to be more mindful of the types of images and voices to children were exposed.

“The fact that we’re not listening to each other is not a good example for children. Yoga and meditation music I feel we’re all worried, we’re all stressed, we’re all anxious. Yoga one houston uptown schedule Multiply that many times down the line and small children … pick up the voices they hear, the images they see.

“If we’re not even thinking about it, we can’t be surprised later when kids are stressed and anxious and depressed. Prenatal yoga classes albuquerque They need some peace and some good news to balance what they see.”

She said her message was not political but about simply being human, and said a “clamping down on equal rights and feminist and gender issues” had left her questioning the motivations of some Australian and global leaders.

“I find [the likes of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and US President-elect Donald Trump] unbelievable. Bikram yoga melbourne fl To profess to be Christians is just staggering, this is not the Christianity that my parents taught me.”

While her Logies speech was instantly met with broad – overwhelmingly female – support, Hazlehurst said the issues raised had long motivated her.

“I’d like to ameliorate some of the grief I feel about everyone’s unhappiness. Yoga mudra And some of the anger I feel about injustice. Yoga exercise benefits And intolerance,” she said.

“Because I don’t understand why the instincts that we are born with – to be kind, to be tolerant and to be compassionate – are seen as a weakness. Yoga studios west vancouver The thought police are one thing but the heart police are another thing altogether.”

Hazlehurst was one of the most nominated women in Daily Life’s readers’ vote for the women who most inspired, who were role models, who actively worked for positive change, who showed significant personal or political courage and had overcome resistance in 2016.

A judging panel including the incumbent Woman of the Year Gillian Triggs, the president of the Human Rights Commission, will choose an overall winner from the top 10 nominees, whose skills and careers span politics, sports, the arts and social advocacy.

A busy work schedule meant, “frustratingly”, that Hazelhurst was unable to follow up and develop the themes in her rousing Logies speech, but suggested that 2016 may only be the beginning of making a social and humanitarian impact beyond her more familiar theatre and TV roles.

“I hope [that being a female inductee to the Logies Hall of Fame] is not a token and I hope that soon it becomes not ‘a thing’ anymore. Jivamukti yoga center Until equality is achieved it will always be a thing. Dahn yoga center beaverton But that is not a reason to stop fighting for it,” she said.

“I’ve always been motivated by these issues … it’s more urgent now because the ubiquity of bad news has become overwhelming. Bikram yoga voorhees voorhees township nj There is an obvious clamping down on equal rights and feminist and gender issues. Video yoga blogspot The dinosaurs are digging their heels in, it’s going to be tough.”