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I always love this time of the year…..for many reasons, but in particular, Sagittarius energy is so expansive, generous, and optimistic, it feels like a breath of fresh air! The Symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, aiming his arrow high into the sky, striving for greater consciousness. Yoga rope wall measurements During this time, we are asked to seek greater understanding,higher truths, and new perspectives that broaden our horizons.

And, as this year draws to an end, it is the perfect time to review what has been accomplished…the Good…the Bad…and the Ugly!…..and set our sights for 2017!

This has been quite an extraordinary year with many starts, stops, shifts, changes, new beginnings and endings! And now, this month the Cosmos is lining up special energy to assist us ending 2016 powerfully! Let’s tie up all those loose ends and prepare for 2017, a 1 year, beginning a new cycle for us all! (YIPPEE!!!!!)

As a special Cosmic Gift, we have an unusually long aspect ( good vibration energy) holding strong all month and into January! Saturn in Sagittarius is sextiling Jupiter in Libra! Sextiles are called the “opportunity aspect” and exert positive energy. Beginner yoga poses youtube It does however, require that you pay attention to HOW it presents itself in your life and then act as needed! YOUR PARTICIPATION is required! These two Big Planets are in a cosmic dance, having quite the time! So for us, after such a year as 2016, rewards are available! A Sextile is an opportunity to have life work, and, the energy is subtle. Yoga fitness Pay attention to the little details.

What is yoga therapy used for Look for and be open to signs, people, synchronicity, unexpected meetings! Make notes, keep a special journal! This is not the time to rest on your laurels! Be proactive in the Vision you are creating! Magic is in the Air! Saturn can help Jupiter expand in solid practical ways. Yoga today meditation The Cosmos is sending sparkles and light beams to inspire, connect, uplift, and lead us on our Soul path. Maha yoga philadelphia pa It will be quite and extraordinary ending of 2016!

This is a beautiful Full moon and is one of the triggers activating the Jupiter Sextile Saturn dance happening in the Sky all month! Full Moons always seek to create balance (the Sun opposite the Moon) and illuminate that which has been hidden! The Moon in Gemini will bring focus to all all forms of communication, how you receive and process it.The Sun in Sagittarius then forms opinions and beliefs about what is true or what could be old and outdated. Yoga one houston midtown schedule The gift is to look at what no longer supports you, and let it go!

Best Practice….. Bikram yoga dallas choose the High Vibe of this Full Moon, and LOOK at New Possibilities. Inhale yoga venice Be WILLING to See and Know Higher Truths. Mandala yoga studio budapest ( more info and a FM ceremony will be posted on the full moon page!)

This is the 4th and final retrograde of the year, and the second one in Capricorn. Yoga ottawa east We started 2016 with Mercury RX in Capricorn, and now we are ending with this same aspect! I like to think it is the Cosmos giving us a check and balance before we take off into 2017! Please do all the usual Merc Rx strategies, (plan ahead, back up computers, check and double check your travel plans for the holidays, and definitely shop early!) And, you may revisit issues that came up during January….did you take care of situations? Is there something lingering that needs completion? The same opportunity may re-present….so take note and appropriate action. Earth yoga palma de mallorca You get a second chance to re-adjust!! The very best way to work with Mercury RX energy is to RE-connect with friends and family. Yoga instructor salary nyc RE-member the real reason for the holidays and celebrate love, connection, and Faith. Pilates plus encino Pay attention to synchronicities and the people you vibe with. Pranayama techniques and benefits This is the time to jot down all your amazing ideas and ah-has, as it is not the best time to initiate moving forward into action. Yoga room round rock Better to regroup, relax, and renew! Some missing piece of information will present during this time that will make all the difference for your 2017!

Fiery Mars entering mystical and watery Pisces will slow things down! All the more reason to for getting prepared early for the Mercury Rx and the holidays You will not be in the mood to rush and push forward, complicating the Mercury Rx even more! Best Practice for this energy is to take time out to BE…. True yoga singapore schedule meditate, connect to your Higher Self, renew your faith, open up to compassion and love for self, family, friends and the world! Connect with nature, walk on the beach, go to the movies, be inspired, dream!! A perfect energy to blend with the Saturn Jupiter Sextile!

A new season begins! The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, signaling the shortest day and longest night of the year! Perfect for planting seeds, planning and setting intentions for the next 3 months and into 2017! Meditation, being quiet, and listening IN are so important at this time as the veils between worlds are thin! Assistance and messages from our Angels, Guides, and Messengers on the other side are clearly heard! I will be holding a beautiful Solstice gathering at the Dolphin Marina Club. Light on yoga kindle Included is powerful meditation, visioning, and surprises! Details will be on the events page where you can sign up. Yoga poses for neck pain And, if you can’t join us, be sure to take a moment to LISTEN IN, where ever you are are today!

The influence of this aspect lasts a few weeks before and after and is great news as this is quite a powerful aspect! Trines help us bring two planetary energies together. Be yoga milano via botta Combined, these 2 planets can bridge our ideals with reality and work to bring dreams into manifestation! And, it will even empower the Sextile with Jupiter! We have 3 amazing planets working together in synastry just for us! Timing and synchronicities are key elements of how this transit manifests, so trust divine timing and pay close attention to coincidences and ah-ha moments. Living yoga valencia Now is the time to consider new pathways and directions! During this time your unique innovative ideas and solution can and will become reality!!!

This aspect can and will amplify whatever is going on! It is a positive energy that can bring lots of enthusiasm, optimism and hope for the future. Yoga during pregnancy for normal delivery Under this influence we want to grow and evolve is some significant and noticeable way! It Fires us up to be all that we can be! Here are a few great questions to ask yourself…..

You will probably be with friends and family today….the best place to get support and inspiration!! All of this energies will be blending into a new, innovative direction for you!

This is a very special New Moon! New Moons are always about New Beginnings, wiping the slate and starting fresh!! In Capricorn, it emphasizes our primary purpose, goals and intentions for the New Year…..which may need a a bit of clearing and revamping! And, Uranus stations direct a few hours later, bringing sudden and brilliant possibilities!

This is a very important day! Please take the time to do your intention setting ceremony! It will be quite beneficial as you start the New Year! I am hosting a New Moon gathering at the AURA SHOP on Main Street on 12.28, 7 to 9 PM. Bikram yoga adelaide This will be quite an extraordinary evening. Yoga exercises to lose weight fast Shanna Fanelli will be giving us an amazing Sound Bath and Chakra Clearing alignment with crystal bowls and her own spectacular voice! I will discuss the trends and key Astrological events occurring in 2017, followed by a powerful mediation and visioning! If you are in town, you won’t want to miss it! Space is limited as we will be in the Crystal Room of Illumination!

Uranus brings insights and brilliant ideas to the playing field! If you have been stalled or stuck….now is the time to open to YOUR TRUTH and YOUR Unique Gifts and Talents!

Great questions to ponder as you spend time planning the New Year! Both the New Moon and Uranus turning Direct will assist us in aligning with our Cosmic Soul Print!

In review….it has been quite a year! Clearly, events occurred that were not expected on many levels! We as so blessed to be receiving this delicious Cosmic Cocktail to enlighten and empower our year end! Now more that ever, the world needs our unique contributions.