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Whether it’s to heal a broken heart or to cope with pressures at college and work, Bengaluru’s millennials are gladly embracing professional therapy

In October 2015, Shalini Rao (19) broke up with her boyfriend. Meditation music for stress She was devastated, but like most people around her, assumed that it was a simply a matter of time before her heart healed. Uptown yoga lakewood dallas tx However, two months later, her state of mind had worsened. Weight loss yoga with adriene “I did not feel like doing anything; I was hopeless and my academics were getting affected,” she says.

Pregnancy yoga positions third trimester Seeing that her grades were falling, Rao’s friends and professors pushed her to see the college counsellor. Yoga mantras for happiness “I didn’t want to go to her because she knew too many people that I knew and I was afraid of opening up to her. Prenatal yoga poses to avoid I doubted if it would be entirely confidential,” she says.

Finally, when she saw herself “getting worse day by day” Rao decided to make the visit. Baba ramdev yoga for weight loss diet Three sessions every week with her counsellor for a couple of months, who suggested that she keep herself busy and spend more time on what she loves doing, helped her move on. Astanga yoga “My therapist told me that if I felt like crying, I should. Yoga yoga north There was no need to hold back my emotions. Yoga daily routine I spent many nights crying, which really helped,” she says. Yoga youtube music Today, Rao is better, and her grades are back on track. Music for yoga youtube “I already knew the things my counsellor said. Best yoga asanas for weight loss I just had to hear it from someone else,” she says.

Rao is one of many youngsters in the city taking to therapy to sort out emotional problems. Bikram yoga london uk No longer spoken of in hushed whispers; no longer the preserve of those with serious mental health disorders; no longer the last resort of only frustrated mid-lifers, therapy in the city, as it would appear, has come of age.

Dr Anuradha BS, child and teen consultant, agrees. Bikram choudhury She has noticed that since 2013, there has been a 25 per cent increase in the number of youngsters between 10 and 19 years approaching her for counselling, a trend she also attributes to movies such as the recently-released Dear Zindagi (in which Alia Bhatt’s character sees a therapist, played by Shah Rukh Khan). Iyengar yoga poses She likens the upswing to the way “people were open to talking about learning disabilities and dyslexia after the release of Taare Zameen Par”. Yoga music om namah shivaya These days, adolescents come to her with anxiety issues, eating disorders and emotional problems owing to their parents having separated, peer pressure and parental expectations.

Similarly, Akshita Hariharan, consultant clinical neuropsychologist at Vikram Hospitals, has seen a steady rise in those opening up to therapy. Bikram yoga chicago south loop On a weekly basis, she sees about five-six new patients. Yoga for pregnancy third trimester Cases range from that of a warring couple who realised that several years of dating did not necessarily mean a successful marriage, to that of children, brought in by their parents to deal with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Children as young as eight years old are seeking help to deal with anxiety, depression and adjustment issues. Yoga teacher jobs los angeles “There are times when children don’t perform well in school. Ejercicios yoga para relajarse As a result of poor academic performance, parents change their school. Yoga routine At that point, the child has to cope with not only academic issues, but also a new environment,” she says. Yoga in india history The percentage of these cases has increased by between five and 10, Hariharan says.

Dr Kartik Kashyap, consultant psychiatrist at Pragnya Brain Mind Clinic, adds that the bulk of his clients are in their productive age group (20), but he does get a lot of youngsters and children, sometimes “as young as three years old”. Different types of yoga “A mother brought her two-and-a-half-year-old child to me, after picking up symptoms of hyperactivity early,” he says, by way of an example. Ishayoga org tamil Parents usually get their child for attention and concentration problems, hyperactivity, bedwetting, or some conduct problems such as stealing and drug use.

Adults aren’t shying away from visiting a counsellor either. Hot yoga houston heights Doctors say they turn up with issues of depression, anxiety and martial problems. Yoga calgary south For 30-year-old Sneha Kumar, 10 sessions of therapy were the lifeblood infusion she needed to recover from a

breakdown after a romantic relationship turned sour. Yoga positions for beginners with names The result was a complete breakdown in every aspect of her life, especially work. Yoga photoshoot “Most days I just didn’t want to go to work. Tri yoga poses Some days, I’d call in sick, and go watch a movie. Ayurveda When I did go to work, I couldn’t focus,” she says. Yoga diet recipes At that point, a couple of friends suggested that she try therapy. Power yoga for weight loss for beginners While she initially dismissed the idea, six months down the line, when she didn’t feel any better, she decided it was time to seek professional help. Sivananda yoga vedanta center chicago “There’s a stigma attached to going to a counsellor. Yoga poses names chart But I told myself that I needed to heal and had to do something proactive about it,” she says.

A welcome development has been the support of family and friends for patients. Yoga for fertility Dr Kashyap says he finds patients are often accompanied by friends and family who drop their routine work to bring their loved ones in for a session. Tri yoga sheffield ma “People may be accompanied by parents, friends and even boy/ girlfriends, which used to be a rarity,” he says. Restorative yoga sequence without props On the flipside, couples now feel confident and secure enough to come for couple therapy by themselves, a departure from earlier times when “up to 10 family members from either side would accompany the couple!” he says.

Of course, there are exceptions. Yoga class video youtube But even there, the recognition of therapy’s benefits is undeniable. Yoga asana for weight loss by baba ramdev Take Anita Chatterjee. My yoga online coupon An intellectual sort, the 19-year-old can discuss anything from literature to science with her closest friends. Viniyoga sequence Sometimes, they also discuss boyfriends, like teenagers often do, over giggles and coffee. Anusara yoga nyc But there was a time when Chatterjee didn’t feel all that light and bright. Yoga for hair and skin About two years ago, academic pressure pushed her to self-harm – she would repeatedly cut her forearms and lower thighs with sharp objects. Ramdev yoga for weight loss pictures Her parents dismissed the act, assuming their daughter would get over the ‘tantrums’ over time. Vinyasa yoga school in rishikesh But she didn’t. Tara stiles yoga studio Finally, realising how badly her insecurities were affecting her life, Chatterjee started going to her college counsellor, who recognised her symptoms and referred her to a psychiatrist.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and acute depression, Chatterjee now sees a psychiatrist once in two weeks in Bengaluru. Yoga pants girl instagram Although her parents are against her taking treatment, she attributes her betterment to the professional help she sought. Baptiste yoga boston A mood journal as advised by her psychiatrist; not isolating herself and not shying away from expressing her feelings to her close friends and a regular dose of antidepressants has eased the situation. Yoga pictures for three “I’ve also been told that if I talk too much I should stop and regulate myself to make sure that I don’t get carried away,” she says. Yoga meditation youtube Therapy has helped Chatterjee make good progress emotionally – she’s been able to control her mood swings and isn’t violent with those around her.

Dr Murli Raj, consultant psychiatrist, Manipal Hospital, says over the last three years, he has seen a marked shift in the profile of his patients. Yoga types of breathing “The focus has shifted from elderly or middle aged patients to those under 40. Anahata yoga riverside The percentage of patients in this category has gone up to 60-65 per cent from 30 per cent,” he says.

Most working professionals come to him for stress-related and interpersonal problems in the office. Yoga space “I teach them relaxation techniques and transcendental meditation, and suggest yoga and meditation, in addition to time management. Yogafit broken arrow Most people are afraid of being authoritative. Anusara yoga near me I tell them that they are not as critical to the job as they imagine, and that they do not need to accept unrealistic deadlines,” he says.

Younger people come to him with food-related disorders such as bingeing and anorexia at times even without parents in tow. Yoga room berkeley And as for warring couples that occupies a large share of his clientele, he uses cognitive behaviour therapy.

Everyone who has seen a therapist attests to its benefits, and Nidhi P (32) is one of those. Hata yoga isha For as long as can remember, she’s been body shamed. Back bay yoga By the time she was 28, Nidhi found herself not wanting to socialise. Kula yoga “The only place I’d go to was office. Circle yoga If I went anywhere else, my weight was the only thing being discussed. Yoga for stomach ache Everyone had suggestions for how I could lose it, and it would only anger me,” she says.

Although she tried short-term exercise and diet regimes, nothing had worked. Kundalini yoga miami “It was affecting my mental health, and I didn’t have anyone who I could talk to without being judged,” she says. Sivananda yoga centre london She scoured the internet for some therapists, got in touch with one and went for regular sessions for two months. Santa monica yoga works While working on upping her self-esteem, her therapist also ensured that she embarked on an exercise regime side-by-side. Dhyana yoga phila “For instance, I stay about 5km from my therapist’s office. Best yoga asanas for lower back pain She would ask me to walk the distance or back. Maha yograj guggulu benefits It was difficult initially, but after the two months, I felt much better,” she says.

Nidhi may not have seen a complete physical transformation or a complete change in the way she perceived herself, but she feels “at least 25 per cent better”. Yoga for good sleep by ramdev She adds: “For a person like me, who was always running to office and back, with no friends or social life, it helped me regain my confidence and allowed me to interact with people.”