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Speaking exclusively to Be, the 35-year-old said growing up she had always had a slender frame, however it was the move to Australia from the United States that sparked the changes to her body. Be yoga charlotte Brynne tells Be about her body transformation. Yoga relaxation video Source: Getty Brynne on her wedding day to Geoffrey in 2009.

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“When I was younger I was so so skinny naturally, but when I came to Australia I was about the size as I am now and looking back, it’s crazy because I can’t believe how much weight I put on at one point. Beginner yoga lesson It’s such a big difference,” Brynne said.

The media personality added that her significant weight gain also came down to medication she was on during her marriage to Australian businessman Geoffrey Edelsten, and despite her best attempts, she was unable to lose anything.

“I didn’t realise that made me put on so much weight because I was dieting, I was exercising but I couldn’t lose weight for the life of me,” she added.

“The doctors never told me anything so I just thought ‘I’m getting old, my metabolism is slowing down’ and all of those things, but going off [the medication] I lost a dramatic amount of weight in a very short period of time and now that I have lost the weight it’s easier to maintain.” The American said she gained weight after moving to Australia. My yoga pro Brynne in 2010. Hot yoga pants pics tumblr Source: Getty The 33-year-old also gained weight due to medication. Yoga international sciatica Here in 2011. Dhyana yoga philly Source: Getty Brynne in 2011. Intermediate yoga videos youtube Source: Getty

Although admitting she doesn’t get on the scales on a daily basis, Brynne said her 20kg weight loss also comes down to a complete change in lifestyle, and by cutting back on alcohol and watching her food portions as well as going off the medication, it motivated her to “get back to the gym and be healthier”.

“Before I would binge eat a lot, if I craved something I would just eat it to the extreme, which now if I crave something I still have it, but in moderation,” she said. Yoga works boston Binge eating was an issue for Brynne. Yoga in indiana pa With Geoff in 2011. Teacher training uk ucas Source: Getty At the 2011 Logies. Yoga for thyroid baba ramdev in hindi Source: Getty 2010 Melbourne Cup. Purple yoga honolulu Source: Getty With ex-husband Geoffrey. Pure yoga wien Source: Getty Brynne in 2013. Yoga fit shawnee Source: Getty

“Dinner is my main meal, in the morning I have yoghurt or fruit or a smoothies and through the day I’ll munch on veggies and fruits and then at dinner that’s my big meal each day where I have whatever I want.”

Despite going through what she describes as a “hideous” divorce from Geoffrey, Brynne isn’t letting the hardships affect her, saying as she gets “healthy mentally and physically”, she’s starting to feel her most beautiful.

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“Honestly in the last three months is when I have feeling good again, but I think that comes back to being in a good head space also because when you have distractions around you, it sounds silly but it makes a big difference.”

“I have a whole bunch of goals for next year, I want to get fitter, I want my body to get strong again. 10 best yoga poses for weight loss I just want to do it for myself,” she said.

“I want everything in my life to be healthy and positive because I think after the last couple of years there were a lot of things that weren’t healthy or positive in my life and so I think between cutting out those people and habits and lifestyle, I just want to get in a really good place.” Source: Diimex Source: Diimex Source: Diimex Source: Diimex Source: Diimex Source: Instagram Brynne earlier this year. Exercice yoga Source: Getty Source: Instagram