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Back in May, Sundara held a Cacao Ceremony at our studio, led by Cyntia of LaChocotia. Restorative yoga poses with bolster I had never been to a ceremony of this type, never actually even sipped a warm cup of pure, raw cacao. How to learn yoga handstand After that day, I was under her spell.

Yoga yoga north schedule Her chocolatey goodness is like the warm hug I was longing for in the morning — yet settling for the stand-in of my usual cup of decaf. Prenatal yoga videos free But not anymore.

The health benefits of meditation, pranayama, and raw cacao are too numerous to list here. Light on yoga yoga dipika But suffice it to say that since I’ve been incorporating these elements into my life, my blood pressure, once high and needing medication, has lowered to a very happy number.

That is why I’m sharing my morning ritual with you here, in the the hopes that maybe your body will find the peace and calm mine has with these ancient practices.

After the water has been added, I’ll put in some spices and honey to flavor the cacao. Yoga nidra youtube short I use organic cinnamon, cayenne, and turmeric. Pure yoga singapore booking The cinnamon and cayenne are both great to lower blood pressure, and they give the cacao a more traditional flavor. Yoga adelaide cbd On days where I feel I need to be a little less firey, I decrease the amount of these herbs. Karma yoga studio london ontario This keeps with the Ayurvedic principles of maintaining my Pitta at a manageable level (read: no road rage, more level-headedness).

The turmeric is something I started putting into the mix in an effort to reduce the amount of inflammation my body has been currently experiencing. Yoga shelter rochester hills If you have any inflammation in your body, you might consider adding a few dashes of this incredible plant to the cup as well. Be yoga It does change the flavor a bit, so keep that in mind.

I also add honey to taste, as the cacao by itself is quite bitter. Baptiste power yoga brookline schedule The bitter flavor is something that we tend to avoid in our foods; however, it is a taste that is very beneficial for our digestion. Yoga feet Some days I feel like having the cup a bit sweeter than others, so I adjust the amount of honey accordingly. Yoga download It usually hovers in the 1-2 teaspoon range.

All of these ingredients are what I like to put into my cup of cacao. Article on yoga in english Have fun creating your own perfect cup by adding what you feel is needed for your body. Prema yoga granada hills schedule You can research different herbal properties or use your intuition with your kitchen spices.

Next I sit down with my beautiful cup of warm cacao. Yoga kundalini musica Before I begin to sip its goodness, I take a moment to acknowledge the ancients who brought forth this tradition and to thank the plant itself for its healing properties. Bikram yoga nyc schedule flatiron I say it a little more heartfelt than that, but you get the gist.

Again, this is just something that I do, and isn’t necessary if it doesn’t resonate with you. Purple yoga tustin schedule But I feel that we so often pass up the opportunity to acknowledge those before us, and the plants themselves, for bringing their wisdom into our bodies. Yoga pura class schedule This is a way to further enhance the medicine we’re about to take in on a cellular level.

After having this moment of gratitude, I take my time sipping the luscious cacao. Pilates mat exercises I savor each sip, each passing of the warm liquid from cup to mouth. Yoga akademie freiburg It’s beautiful, it’s relaxing, and it’s sexy as hell. Yoga body chino It’s also very heart-opening, so don’t be surprised if you float out of the room when you’re all done. Yoga relaxation quotes As this is the beginnings of my meditation, I try to keep my mind focused soley on the experience of savoring the cacao.

Next I perform my favorite pranayama of Nadi Shodhana. Yoga shakti huntington beach There are many different breathing techniques, but this one makes my body/mind very relaxed. Ashtanga yoga paris No pics for this one, just a how-to from the Sundara Yoga Shala Teacher Training manual:

“This pranayama technique is very calming to the mind. Hot box yoga vancouver It distributes prana to both hemispheres of the brain, purifying the nadis (energy channels) as it balances the flow of energy (prana) through the ida (left, moon, side) and pingala (right, sun, side).

” Nadi Shodhana is beneficial for ailments of the nervous system, lungs, and hypertension as it provides a greater supply of oxygen to the blood. Learning yoga inversions The mind becomes clear and quiet. Sunstone yoga uptown Performing this pranayama is appropriate for all doshas, especially with regard to relieving excess Pitta.

” To begin Nadi Shodhana, sit in a comfortable seated position with the left hand resting on the left knee. Absolute yoga hopkinton Take the right hand up towards the face, bending the index and middle fingers down toward the palm. Yoga for health gloucester ma Take a normal inhalation and exhalation prior to beginning.

” After exhaling, place the right thumb on the right nostril, closing the nostril off completely. Yoga fit rotterdam Inhale gently through the left nostril. Yoga poses to lose weight fast At the peak of the inhalation, press the tips of the ring finger and little finger of the right hand into the left nostril, closing that nostril completely. City yoga west hollywood Release the thumb from the right nostril and gently exhale from the right nostril. Baba ramdev yoga for weight loss fast With the left nostril remaining closed off, inhale through the right nostril. Youga At the peak of the inhalation, close off the right nostril with the right thumb and release the closure of the left nostril, exhaling completely through the left nostril. Yoga freeport maine This completes one full round. Hatha yoga Keep the breath soft, without force, as it flows in and out of the nostrils. Musica mantras kundalini yoga gratis If the neck becomes strained, gently tilt the head down so the chin is a little closer to the chest (without resting on the chest).

” This is one example of Nadi Shodhana. Sun yoga tampa As we began the inhalation on the left side, it has a subtle cooling effect, and as such is appropriate for warmer months. Special yoga centre london For a more warming practice, begin the inhalation on the right side, which is appropriate during cooler months.”

​I will do ten rounds or so of this technique, taking my time with each breath. Power yoga for beginners weight loss You can see the theme here — there is no rushing through any of this.