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One of the best things about watching other forms of media — TV, film, even advertising — as a music fan is getting to experience the ways that your relationships with your favorite songs can be adjusted by their use in various shows, movies and commercials. Yoga asanas names in tamil In the best cases, their deployment as soundtrack pieces can find meaning in them that you never knew existed, and which may have not even been there in the first place. Yoga poses for runners knee It doesn’t always work, but when it does, the results can be absolutely magical.

Here were our 15 favorite such uses of songs in 2016, which helped turn unexpected karaoke performances, lip-sync-like-nobody’s-watching promo clips and show-stopping musical numbers into some of the most memorable moments in media this year.

Did Saturday Night Live try to have it both ways by allowing Donald Trump to guest in 2015, then having franchise player Kate McKinnon (in her Hillary Clinton guise) open the first post-election episode in 2016 with a funereal rendition of “Hallelujah”? Certainly, but there’s no doubting that McKinnon’s performance was spellbinding, and that in a national moment of mourning — for songwriting great Leonard Cohen, if not for the future of the whole country — the moment was more cathartic than a lot of us would easily admit. Easy yoga poses for weight loss — ANDREW UNTERBERGER

One of the reasons The People v. Yoga and weight loss O.J. Yoga poses downward facing dog Simpson was such a thrill was that it made the ‘90s seem like a bona fide period piece. Prana yoga stl The music selections (and some extremely wide ties) certainly helped, and nothing set the mood better than hearing Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” while Sarah Paulson’s Marcia Clarke showed off her now-infamous hairdo for the first time. Pilates and yoga workout plan The 1995 chart-topper — which originally became a smash after appearing on the soundtrack to Batman Forever — is one of those tracks that has become a victim of its own success: a classic, but rarely heard without some sense of retroactive irony. Yoga gratis milano In other words, the sonic version of Marcia’s perm. Yoga shop san francisco — JAMES GREBEY

The premise of Suicide Squad — rounding up B- and C-list supervillains in only the third installment of a massive Cinematic Universe — seemed questionable from the start, and the movie soon proved to be kind of a mess. Bikram yoga richmond schedule But for one brief, shining moment, it had potential: The first official trailer was scored to a chopped-up version of Queen’s karaoke classic. Yoga at home for beginners It was weird, unexpected and fun, unlike anything we’d heard before in the grim DC franchise. Yoga sydney tower It was enough to make viewers ask if this was the real life, even if dreams of a cohesive final film turned out to be just fantasy. Yoga international login – J.G.

BoJack Horseman, both the funniest drama and most depressing comedy on TV Netflix, always saves a wallop of a musical cue for each season’s closing sequence, and this year the show really went for the jugular with Nina Simone’s melodramatic meditation on fame and aging, “Stars.” Simone’s live cover of the Janis Ian song plays as the animated show’s titular anthropomorphized, past-his-prime protagonist considers literally letting go of the wheel, but as the pianos swell underneath him and he sees a number of horses running free off the side of the road, he momentarily regains control — a moment of ambiguous but powerful grace in a show capable of eliciting just about every emotion at once. Hatha yoga definition — A.U.

Captain James T. Yoga poses for lower back pain youtube Kirk’s obsession with the Beastie Boys — music that would be centuries old by the time he’s rocking to it — has always seemed a little forced. Pure yoga east class schedule It started as an Easter egg alluding to William Shatner’s weird way of pronouncing “sabotage” (“sabataage”), but in the new series’ surprisingly fun installment, Beyond, it becomes a crucial plot point. 8 limbs yoga seattle In order to disrupt a swarm of drone spaceships, the crew of the Enterprise needs to blast some sort of rhythmic music to jam their frequency — and “Sabotage” is the perfect choice. Types of meditation for stress Subtle? Hardly. Yoga symbols and their meanings Fun? Absolutely.

As obvious as some of the filmic reference points were for the surprise breakout series of 2016, its new wave-era musical cues were often even less nuanced, with soundtrack choices that felt forced, unnecessary, and occasionally downright anachronistic. Bikram yoga dubai tecom But when creators the Duffer Brothers went a little deeper, they occasionally hit pay dirt, as with the mid-season funeral for Will Byers (spoiler alert: not really dead), set to New Order’s foreboding instrumental epic “Elegia” — which children of the ’80s may recall previously soundtracking Andie’s pre-prom drama in Pretty in Pink — providing perhaps the doomiest moment of a show that rarely soft-pedaled its darkness. Yoga calgary ne — A.U.

Never underestimate the power of capitalism. Hyp yoga medfield Thanks to a Honda commercial that dedicated TV viewers must’ve watched hundreds of times in the beginning of 2016, Empire of the Sun hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. Yoga for piles video download for the first time with a track that was nearly a decade old. Yoga nidra guided meditation script Luckily, “Walking on a Dream” lent itself well to being heard repeatedly in 30-second snippets, pleasantly welcoming the listener to its synth-powered dreamscape without being aggressive about shilling itself (or the car). Gentle flow yoga poses Still, slightly weird that the spacey track is all about walking and running, neither of which involving driving a Honda Civic with a 174-horsepower turbo-charged engine. Yoga studio design ideas — J.G.