Best ios apps_ top 10 ios apps for december 2016

2016 is about to end and the Apple store has seen a few new entrants, but finding a good app is not an easy task. Yoga teacher training in rishikesh Here is a list of top 10 useful iOS apps that will make you fall in love with your iPhone all over again.

1. Yoga exercises youtube video RadioPublic-Free Podcasts- With over 250,000 podcasts and more than 15 million episodes to choose from, choosing a suitable one can become overwhelming. Ashtanga yoga definition RadioPublic provides playlists like- “fresh episodes from this week”, “short episodes for commute”, “essential episodes”, “the best interview episodes from 2016”. Tara stiles yoga flexibility RadioPublic follows all the shows and playlists you follow and helps you look for new episodes by applying a proprietary algorithm on your listening pattern.

2. Prenatal yoga videos free download BeCasso: Transform Photos Into Paintings- Feeling creative? This app provides state-of-the-art editing tools to transform your photos into paintings. Ashtanga yoga meaning in hindi Transform your pictures into unique high-resolution paintings by choosing between 3 types of expressive art filters namely, oil painting, watercolor, and cartoon. Dru yoga australia It gives you full brushstroke control and unlimited pixel precise alterations in real-time.

3. Yoga asanas for weight loss Patch: Smart Portrait Editor- Patch is a smart portrait editing app which helps you add an artistic touch to your pics by adding a bunch of fx to your portraits. Yoga a luka It automatically adds depth effects (‘bokeh’) to your photos and multiple blur settings make sure that every photo looks perfect. Prenatal yoga poses first trimester Patch uses a neutral effect to automatically blur the background. Easy yoga poses for two This technique is very similar to effects you achieve from a professional camera.

4. Yoga institute of cu Inscape: Guided Meditation and Relaxation- This app is created to help people integrate meditation seamlessly into today’s modern lifestyle, as it empowers users to spark their creativity. Nirvana yoga Meditation is a way to realize vision, improve focus and heighten awareness. Yoga poses for abs and thighs Inscape creates a very immersive environment for relaxation and meditation. Yoga for arthritis in neck It helps you create personalized meditation schedules and home screens based on your goals to build regular practice.

5. Yoga tropics BeatFace: Create fun selfie music videos- BeatFace is a fun app that helps you create unique selfie videos in just few seconds. Purple mat yoga pendleton It turns your face into a visual beatbox and lets you share these with your friends and family. Open doors yoga easton Each part of your face gets different treatments. Yoga studio south calgary alberta Use your eyes, nose, lips, etc. Yoga studio midtown new york city and these effects to turn your face into a beat boxing machine.

6. Different types of yoga asanas and their benefits in hindi Bear-Beautiful writing app for notes and prose- Bear is a note making app for keeping control and writing your notes and prose in your own way. Yoga wall You can interconnect your notes and create a body of work. Yoga feet dvd There is even a focus mode that lets you concentrate. Office yoga app Linking your notes is as easy as dropping a hash tag. Yoga reading pa If you need to convert your writing into Word Docs or PDF or when you need to hit a specific word count, Bear is the app to go to.

7. Yoga asanas youtube videos Workfrom- Workfrom is one of world’s leading search engines for free range workers. Yoga nidra youtube meditation It helps you discover local cafes, co-working shops and alternate spaces to get your work done and is enabled for 1200+ cities worldwide. Bikram yoga chicago suburbs Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a remote professional, your options are unlimited. Restorative yoga sequence for beginners You can even check out who else checked in recently or meet up with your team, online.

8. Yoga exercises for upper back and shoulder pain Miitomo- Miitomo is a unique communication app. Yoga wall nj It is Nintendo’s debut iOS app that uses adorable avatar’s named Miis (which first appeared on Its Wii Console) for social interaction. Simple yoga routine for beginners with pictures So you start by creating you Mii character. Yoga diet plan weight loss Each detail is chosen by you. Yoga ballston From looks to voice to clothes, you choose everything. Amazing yoga oakmont The Mii interacts with you and gets to know you better by asking you questions like what you did on the weekend or what’s your favorite color? People’s Miis interact with one another and this is how communication starts

9. Yoga journal conference florida Feelca B&W- From shooting pictures to printing photos, this amazing app delivers the full experience of using a professional film camera. Yoga jobs san diego This unique app does not include intricate operations such as editing and various post correction methods but instead, lets you take easy shots by taking a careful look at the surrounding. Beginners yoga classes plano tx It adds more depth to your captures and even lets you organize your snaps according to a category so that they are easy to share.

10. Bikram yoga perth scarborough 60dB: personal radio for news, sports and more- This app brings you the best short stories from today’s audio story world. Yoga brighton beach The categories for the stories include- news, sports, entertainment, business, technology and much more. Yoga camp day 2 It even adds personalized choices for you, according to taste. Yoga games It keeps an in-depth track of the stories that you listen to and auto updates your saved lists.