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As the sunny, crisp autumn weather morphs into the darker, colder days of winter, many of us choose to exercise indoors. Yoga instructions audio Such confinement eventually becomes monotonous though. Yin yoga hips If the walls are closing in on you and you crave a change from the gym or mall walking, why not give ballroom dancing a spin? Like speaking a foreign language, dancing is a handy and impressive skill that many people only wish they could add to their social resumes.

Prenatal yoga poses And, like walking, swimming, yoga, or golf, it’s often injury free – unless you’re competing for a Dancing with the Stars trophy.

With more than 30 years of dancing experience, Rob is the perfect instructor for beginners. Pilates plus His methodical, humorous, and flexible teaching style can turn those with two left feet into twinkle toes. Yoga games online I know this from personal experience. Haute yoga He taught my husband to dance. Musica mantras kundalini yoga youtube (Yes, I played the it’s-time-to-learn-how-to-dance-together-after-22-years card.) When I placed the call to Rob 11 years ago, I described my husband as coordinated, but having no confidence in his dancing potential. Yoga routine for abs Rob suggested we start with the waltz and a private lesson to get him comfortable. Yoga classes london fields Several waltzes and rumbas later, my husband is routinely mean mugged by men who claim dancing is for sissies as their wives enviously watch us move about the dance floor. True yoga taiwan Rob Sutherland providing dance instruction during a class. Ashtanga yoga poses Photo courtesy: MetroParks Tacoma.

Rob offers group and private lessons, plus wedding packages with a choreographed first dance. Yoga instructor resume Group lessons are the most common and the typical starting point. Yoga stretches for back The requirements are simple:

In each session, Rob starts with the basics for the step of the night, which might be determined by the skill in the room. Antigravity yoga lab First he teaches the male part, then the female part, then he joins the two parts and sets it to music. Yoga poses yoga journal Throughout the hour, he adds modifications for variety and fun.

“Dancing is like any other skill,” he explains. Yoga source palo alto schedule “It takes practice to get better at it.” He manages your learning curve by starting with the smooth dances and transitioning to the rhythm dances as the weeks progress. Daily yoga routine youtube Couple practicing the Cha-cha-cha – a sexy Latin rhythm step. Youtube videos kundalini yoga basics Photo credit: Michelle Robinson.

When asked if he has a favorite dance, he responded, “Not really. Yoga exercises for beginners dailymotion Every dance is like a spice. Yoga blog deutsch They all bring something different to the table. Chair yoga exercises hip replacement They all have their own flavors, yet they have similarities.” He adds, “Sometimes one spice is needed, sometimes another.” Ah yes. Svaroopa yoga Some are subtle and some can’t or won’t be ignored.

Rob’s entry into the dance world is inspiring. Pure yoga hong kong locations He is not the son of a dancer who was taught sweeping and swooping since childhood. Yoga symbols dictionary Although he possessed some athletic ability and coordination as a tennis player, he had no dance experience when he answered the help wanted ad in 1981: “Wanted for immediate employment. Exhale yoga venice ca Dance teacher. Bikram yoga No experience necessary. Ananda yoga center nepal Will train. Triad yoga greensboro schedule Contact Fred Astaire Studios.” Well, it sounded like more fun than law school – and it was. Sadhana yoga hudson Rob teaching the men’s part. Shanti yoga Photo credit: Michelle Robinson.

After selling several dance lessons for Fred Astaire, Rob moved on to teach ballroom dancing at Tacoma Dance Center while rounding out his skills with jazz and ballet lessons at Jo Emery studios. Exhale yoga venice Throughout the 1980s, he competed locally with his partner Jean Milano to earn the entry fees and traveling money needed for competitions out of the area. Yoga in indianapolis In other words, he was a starving artist thankful for a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

“That’s when you know you really want to do this thing,” he says about his love for dance and the lack of riches. Yoga nidra meditation art of living Rob eventually moved on to own and manage the Abbey Ballroom in Tacoma on 19th and Fawcett for ten years. Sahaja yoga centers in india “It was a good run,” he says of the venue that is now owned by the University of Washington Tacoma.

• STAR Center through Metro Parks Tacoma – beginning and intermediate group and private lessons for ages 14–50, wedding packages, and lessons for Parkinson’s and Dystonia patients