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Hot off the presses, BabyCenter has released its highly anticipated list of the Top 100 Names of 2016, an official tally of the most popular baby names of this year.

While the 2016 list proves the remarkable staying power of some perennial parent favorites, it also makes way for a few newcomers – and reveals some surprising and interesting trends as well.

Do those names sound a bit familiar? If so, it’s likely because these top 10 monikers are virtually identical to last year’s list, the only very minor exception being that Lucas and Liam swapped spots.

Yoga for eyes youtube Sophia and Jackson held on to their titles as the most popular picks, bringing Sophia’s reign as the #1 name for girls to an impressive 7 years running.

The “cream of the crop” names may have remained the same, but there was some movement a little lower down the list. Wild lotus yoga downtown schedule The top 10 for girls includes longtime favorites Isabella and Zoe, but also introduces Riley, Aria and Charlotte. Baptiste yoga The boys’ list is rounded out by Ethan, Mason and Caden as well as newbies Oliver and Elijah.

BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief Linda Murray says the fluidity of this year’s list reflects new parents’ willingness to buck the baby name trends: “We saw five new names break into our top 10 lists this year, though the top five names held steady,” she notes. Anahata yoga studio “It’s rare to see so much movement in just 12 months. Bikram yoga nyc ues It’s a direct reflection of millennial parents’ enthusiasm for shaking up the status quo.”

Women were definitely making headlines in 2016, so it’s not all that surprising to see powerful females influencing baby name picks as well. Ejercicios yoga principiantes Hillary was up 64 percent and Ivanka was up 39 percent, and non-political powerhouses like Ellen (up 30 percent) and Venus (up 26 percent) made impressive leaps as well.

“We’ve been naming boys after titans of politics, sports, and business for thousands of years,” Ms. Dru yoga reviews Murray points out. Sun yoga hawaii “It’s refreshing to see the names of powerful modern women being chosen by new parents. Jivamukti yoga jersey city Today’s parents want their daughters to be strong and successful.”

Superheroes are another hot baby name trend, with expectant moms and dads looking to crusaders – caped and otherwise – for inspiration. Free spirit yoga long beach It’s not just the good guys leading the pack, though. Yoga hawaii The names that are on the rise, such as The Incredible Hulk‘s alter-ego Bruce Banner and DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, show that millennial parents seem drawn to more complex characters.

Pop culture tends to make its mark on the baby name list in a few ways every year. Yoga poses for weight loss youtube Who could forget the trend toward Instagram-inspired names like Lux, Amaro and Valencia in 2015? This year’s influence? Well, let’s just say it’s truly horrifying. Hatha yoga poses youtube Scary shows like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things seem to have crept into the baby name sphere, with names like Tyreese (up 48 percent), Hershell (up 37 percent), Justin (up 32 percent) and Joyce (up 23 percent) all screaming up the ranking this year.

And finally, STEM-inspired names are hot with tech-obsessed parents choosing names like Cloud (up 76 percent for boys), Apple (up more than 30 percent for both boys and girls), Cortana (up 36 percent) and Dot (as in the Echo Dot, up 10 percent). Meditation portal But that’s not stopping our scientific pioneers from getting their piece of the π. Yoga freeport Edison (up 25 percent), Newton (up 44 percent), Albert (up 21 percent), Benjamin (up 25 percent) and Franklin (up 12 percent) all increased this year. Zenergy yoga iowa city Even modern-day inventors like Tesla CEO Elon Musk are getting noticed with Elon (up 41 percent) and Tesla (up 18 percent) both on the rise.

So where did your baby’s name end up on this year’s ranking? Is it teetering on the edge of fame or sinking into obscurity? Be sure to visit BabyCenter’s 2016 list to find out!

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