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I’ve only had contingent positions. Yogaworks I started adjuncting as a graduate student for extra money. Yoga wimbledon village While writing my dissertation, I continued adjuncting at both a community college and a university. Office yoga sf I was an adjunct (part-time) instructor at multiple institutions in three different states until I received a full-time non-tenure track job as a lecturer in 2011.

Prenatal yoga sequence first trimester I’ve taught at community colleges and big state universities, and for a long time, I taught heavy course loads while keeping up my research and applying for tenure track jobs. Y2 yoga schedule charlotte nc I quit my lecturer job because I could not handle the strain of contractual work. How to learn yoga inversions Now, I’m a freelance writer, work from home mom, and still a religious studies scholar.

Topics falling within the category of “new religious movements” have become increasingly prominent in religious studies classrooms over the past few decades. Benefits of meditation mayo clinic Often tracking media coverage, students have particular interest in groups such as Scientologists, the Westboro Baptist Church, the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints and their Yearning for Zion Ranch, and various New Age gurus ebbs and flows, but their overall fascination with new and alternative religiosity has remained a common feature in our classrooms. Asha yoga teacher training Yet instructors face the question of how to translate student interest in these groups into actual student learning. Yoga journal videos While such a task falls most obviously on those teaching courses focusing on new or alternative religious movements, instructors teaching on a wide array of topics and multiple subfields may wish to engage students in the critical study of this topic.

I have been researching and writing about new religious movements (NRMs) ever since I unwittingly chose a new religions topic for my dissertation: the lifelong evolving millennial thought of the Englishwoman Annie Besant (1847–1933) who lived in India while serving as the second president of the Theosophical Society and carrying out numerous projects for social, educational, political, and religious uplift and reform. Yoga tricks I have been teaching at Loyola University New Orleans for more years than I care to tell my students. Yoga district schedule There I have taught numerous sections of the course “Religions of the World.” I also teach “Women in World Religions,” “Women in Christianity,” as well as courses on Asian religions, millennialism, and New Orleans religions. Yoga instructor salary per class I have been integrating what I have learned in new religions studies into these courses.

I am assistant professor of religious studies at the College of Wooster, a small, private, liberal arts college in Northeast Ohio. Purple yoga There I teach the course “New Religions and the New Age.” The class is a part of our department’s regular ; in fact the job description under which I was hired was written partly with this class in mind, and so I teach the class at least once per academic year, usually during the spring semester. Sunstone yoga plano The class is expected to enroll twenty students, although in the five times I have taught it at Wooster, it usually has between twenty-two and twenty-five students. Daily yoga routine for weight loss It surveys major new and alternative religious groups and issues. Yoga mudra eugene As a 200-level class, it is open to nonmajors, and it also fulfills our “religious perspectives” general education requirement. Nada yoga montreal All of this means, in effect, the class is introductory level, and for the most part I teach it as such.

From my earliest days of teaching, I have been a proponent of students thinking “outside of the box” about the types of sources they use for learning. Beloved yoga schedule While I am not typically a fan of popular online forums to which many students gravitate, I do think there can be real value in sources that are not of the strict academic-words-on-paper type. Yoga nidra free download itunes I often create assignments that require the use of both academic and nontraditional sources, such as events and site visits, and I include a component in which students reflect critically on the nature and value of all of their sources of information. Youtube yoga for beginners part 1 This became more challenging for me when I left a major metropolitan area and began teaching in the small college town of Norman, Oklahoma, where the range of such sites is limited, as is student mobility. Yoga poses for runners I had to find new ways to have students embrace unusual combinations of sources. Hatha yoga youtube videos The “mini review essay” discussed herein is one possibility for such an assignment. Fusion yoga brighton mi I designed it for an upper-level honors seminar on new religious movements (NRMs), a class of approximately twenty students, and I have been using it since 2010.

For many undergraduates, engaging with the undefined and the ambiguous can be uncomfortable. Yoga a luka concepcion It is far simpler when ideas or people fit into neat categories like “good,” “evil,” “true” or “false.” Yet reality is rarely this neat, particularly in the study of new religious movements (NRMs). Bikram yoga wien beatrixgasse This article presents a model of conscious course design focused on revising the narratives surrounding certain controversial NRMs and on creative alternative comparative contexts, both of which help to guide students away from a position of mutual exclusivity and towards the notion that the people involved in NRMs are neither wholly good nor wholly bad, but a mixture of both. Yoga images with names in telugu I employ William Perry’s scheme of intellectual and ethical development to illustrate students’ progress from a “fully dualistic” point of view to a more relativistic, or less “mutually exclusive” worldview. Maha yoga schedule 1

In the fall of 1979, I was an MDiv student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and enrolled in a course taught by Dr. Yoga fitness benefits Bill Leonard entitled The Church and American Utopianism. Invoke yoga studio indianapolis One of the course requirements was a field trip on a Saturday morning to Pleasant Hill, a restored Shaker village near Lexington, Kentucky. Hatha yoga postures I knew very little about the Shakers, and don’t remember being too enthused about the field trip, but once I was there I was overwhelmed by the reality of Shaker social life. Yoga manly power living The residential buildings had separate stairs for men and women. Yoga body fitness barcelona The dining room had tables for lots of people, and the kitchen was as institutional as antebellum culinary technology could get.

And then it hit me, hard: they lived this alternative lifestyle in the midst of an America that was heavily influenced by Protestant Evangelicalism, which did not approve of the Shaker way of life. Bikram yoga hawaii kaimuki How was it that these people could see such a countercultural arrangement as “normal?”