Arianna huffington’s thrive global_ turning sleep into productivity

And then there is Huffington’s own tale of transformation—or what she calls her “wake-up call.” In 2007, two years after co-founding The Huffington Post with former AOL executive Kenneth Lerer and becoming the site’s editor-in-chief, Huffington collapsed from exhaustion. Yoga for runners knee As she fell to the ground, her head slammed into the corner of her desk, breaking her cheekbone and tearing a gash in one of her eyes that would require several stitches to repair. Yoga nidra mp3 free download deutsch Neither her doctors nor a battery of medical tests could tell her why she’d fainted. Yoga a luka las condes As she says now, “Nothing was wrong, except everything was wrong.”

She had become a new-media powerhouse, one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” host and moderator of much of the world’s digital conversation, and she was too tired to enjoy it. Nirvana yoga atlanta ga This, she wondered, is what success looks like? “When I became a mother, I realized how important sleep was to my children,” says Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, left. Yoga ukrainian village Now, she realizes, the same goes for her. Sun yoga hawaii schedule Photo: Charles Eshelman—FilmMagic/Getty Images

Huffington has spent much of the time since then trying to answer that most modern of existential questions. Yoga tree richmond hill Her runaway bestselling 2014 book, Thrive—which defines a new math for success based on the variables of well-being, wisdom, wonder and generosity—was a first step in solving the mystery.

Step Two came in April with her latest book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time—the 15 th book by Huffington since she wrote The Female Woman at age 23, and at least her seventh bonafide bestseller. Yoga vinyasa intermediate The Sleep Revolution digs deeply and thoughtfully into the component that, perhaps more than anything beside breathing and eating, puts the well into well-being.

Step Three—which officially begins today, this morning actually—is Huffington’s biggest and boldest effort to solve the human burnout problem. Santa monica yoga on the beach She is launching a company, called Thrive Global, that will take her wellness evangelism to a whole new level. Bikram yoga dublin 4 The company is tapping into every tool (and business model) it can think of for promoting emotional and physical well-being in the workplace: training companies how to measure and promote employee wellness; serving as a new media hub for conversations about wellness; and selling a bunch of cool stuff designed to help people along that path—from non-pharmacological sleep aids, to meditation guides, to smartphone-silencing accessories.

(Huffington’s favorite is a family phone bed that rests outside everyone’s bedroom. Ananda yoga “It’s going to basically be a charging station that looks like a bed where everybody’s phones go to sleep at night,” she says. Yoga travel tree “It comes in multiple sizes for daddy’s phone, mommy’s phone, every child’s phone. Surya namaskar steps video free download And there are even little blankets that you put over them to put them to sleep.”)

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