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The North Central Florida YMCA has been a constant in my life in a way that few other things have. Baptiste yoga wiki A self-identifying “ACR,” I’ve been going to the Y since before I could walk — as a member, as a swimmer and as a gym rat.

I’ve changed schools, lost friends and made new ones, said goodbye to swim coaches, switched to different teams and even moved away for college, and always there was the Y that was welcoming and reliable. Yoga pranayama techniques If we lose the YMCA, we are not just losing a gym or a local non-profit or even an after-school program. Ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss We are losing another little part of what Gainesville used to be, of the community I remember growing up in, of the city I truly hope we still can be.

I don’t remember the first time I went to the Y, probably because I was too young to know I was there.

Yoga mudra asana I do remember being an eel, a pollywog and a guppy. Yoga diet chart for weight loss I remember stretching in the Blue Room, checking my weekly yardage on the bulletin board in the hallway and organizing the lifeguard shed.

In middle school, I took the Y bus from Fort Clarke to the pool for practice. Haute yoga san diego On Friday nights, my friends and I would take over the locker room with hair dryers and glitter eye-shadow, prepping for the holiday-themed Y dances, excited to have a space in which to hang out, despite going to different schools. Yoga symbols text By high school, that pool and gym were like a second home. Yoga london bridge In any given summer, I clocked almost 400 hours either in the pool swimming or in the gym lifting weights.

I didn’t just learn how to swim at the Y; I came of age at the Y. Yoga instructor salary Against the backdrop of the sea-life mural, I learned how to be punctual for a 5 a.m. Yoga center of chico swim practice. Yoga relaxation script Standing on the blocks in the dead of winter, the steam billowing off my arms, I learned how to endure. Prema yoga flow Sweating in the blistering heat, handing ribbons to the swimmers younger than me, I learned how to give back to my community. Sumits yoga chandler classes With a few strokes of paint on an empty pool floor, I learned how to have pride in a place.

Now, as a young adult, I’ve returned to Gainesville after college, and the Y has become a haven for me once again. Yoga sequences In a world of CrossFit obsessives and Lululemon-wearing Yogalates, the Y has remained a safe space, a body positive community that judges no one and encourages everyone. Isha yoga music mp3 download free The staff at the Y aren’t just helpful, they’re family — they remember your name, see you as a whole person, get invested in your journey and get excited by your progress.

A college friend recently visited me in Gainesville, and I took her to a yoga class at the Y. Y2 yoga charlotte schedule She was anxious about group fitness, but after that class was inspired to join the Y in her hometown. Vinyasa yoga flow sequence for beginners A few weeks later she texted me: “I went to the Y here, but it’s not the same as yours. Yoga for dummies part 1 I wish I could go to your Y.”

This uniqueness, this thing that makes our Y different, this is the brilliance of Gainesville — that quirky small-town charm, that community-driven focus, that welcoming spirit. Yoga toronto This is the Gainesville I’m afraid we might lose when we start losing institutions as influential as the Y.

I can’t be the only one that sees the ways Gainesville has changed, becoming increasingly developed, with upscale apartment complexes and never-ending chain stores. Yoga yoga song uganda I’m young. Yoga poses for lower back and hips I’m not afraid of change, but I’m left wondering: Who is this new Gainesville for? Will Gainesville continue to serve all of its residents in a positive way? Once a place like the Y goes, what else will follow? How much longer will I want to stay here? How much longer will this be home?

I suppose guest columns are supposed to be imploring people to do something; I don’t know what I’m imploring. Yoga today youtube Maybe I’m imploring you, the reader, to not succumb, to fight with me for the Y, for the parts of Gainesville we know and love.

Maybe I’m imploring our city, county, state leaders (those with more power than me) to pay attention to their constituents, to recognize what the Y means to this community, to help. Best yoga youtube videos for weight loss Maybe I’m imploring myself to confront what all might be lost.

Maybe I’m wasting my time, maybe there’s no hope for the Y — but is that really the message we want to send our young people, that these are hopeless times? What I do know is this: The Y taught me that I have a voice. Pregnancy yoga 2nd trimester The Y taught me that I am brave and strong and dedicated. Yoga loft hawaii The Y taught me that I matter. Yoga pranayama video in hindi The least I can do is tell you all why the Y matters too.