Alexandria healing centre – kundalini yoga

With all 10-weeks courses you will receive a folder with information on Kundalini Yoga and photocopies of all sets and meditations for home practice/self-help! This course will give you a good introduction to the background of Kundalini Yoga and its practice.

1 1/2 hour classes, £85 (if you know you cannot do certain days mentioned below, then you can take £8 off each day you cannot do, but no more than 2 days are possible to take off the full course fee – non-refundable payments).

Drop-ins are £8.50 per class. Am yoga meaghan townsend Please ring me, Sandra/Harjas Kaur, beforehand on 020 8579 7230/leave message on answering machine with your phone number or just turn up and see if there are spaces. Sumits yoga grayhawk For morning classes please confirm your attendance the day before, leaving a message on the answerphone before 10 pm the previous day..

Please call or email Harjas Kaur/Sandra Ditta Herrmann on this number: 020 8579 7230 or email: (better to ring if short notice!!)

We will look at diet, importance of Kundalini Yoga kriyas which stimulate nerve centres and meridians to assist internal organ detoxification.

We will also look at different mantras and meditations to detox your negative habitual thoughts and actions which no longer serve you. Prana yoga geneva In some of the sessions we will use symphonic and wind gongs to detox and strengthen your central nervous system and use.

We will use positive affirmations to create new positive thought patterns in our thought process, so it can give birth for positive actions in our lives and give positive affects for everyone and everything around us.

Raimonda first studied Ashtanga Yoga back in 2000 at Yoga Plus, Crete, run by Radha and Pierre, former direct students of the late Sri K. Bikram yoga calories burned Pattabhi Jois.

Since then Raimonda has explored many styles of yoga, formerly qualifying as an instructor of Hatha Yoga at the Triyoga Centre London in 2007, with Anna Ashby and Leela Miller as mentors.

Further training includes Fluid Power II: Advance Sequencing and Teaching Methods for Liberating the Flow and Awakening the Flow with Shiva Rea.

To compliment her Yoga, Raimonda is also certified as a Gong Master with Don Conreaux, Yoga Nidra by Swami Pragyamurti and most recently as a Tapasya hot yoga teacher with Kristin Campbel and currently on 2 year shamanic healing art couse with Shamanic healer Trish Cormic.

Raimonda teaches a strong and dynamic alignment based class, with a focus on breath work and mindful body awareness. Bikram yoga bristol timetable She encourages each individual practitioner to accept exactly where they are at that moment, and to explore their own unique potential, flexibility and strength.

In this one-hour class I will teach normal kriyas as for the adults, however the kriyas I have chosen are less intense, more playful and more suitable for kids.

I have taught these classes to a 10-year-old and her father for 1 year and they both greatly benefited. My yoga online samsung app I found that K.Y. Surya namaskar steps video free download in hindi works especially to help kids deal with the pressures of school, to learn, focus and relax better and the overall mood and energy levels are improved.

Young kids’ yoga classes with parent/s are imaginative and fun! Stories are played out in yoga postures, simple visualisations, short meditations, kids’ Kundalini Yoga music is played (mostly in English). Amazing yoga video Sometimes we will also be chanting along with the music.

For these classes, the parent will need to attend with their child. Basic yoga poses and names It brings them together in a very beautiful way when this playfulness is shared and this worked best in the past. Yoga positions to lose weight Having this play time with the Kundalini Yoga was enchanting them for days or weeks afterwards. Yoga edinburgh city centre We all need to have playtime in our lives and this is an opportunity also for adults who do not bring a child but want to have some fun and to pick up the playfulness and energy of the kids and mantras. Yoga sivananda montreal In the past the energy of kids and parents doing the class together has been magical, like rainbow energy at times.