Alexandria and anastasia duval_ former partner describes life with the twins

THE one-time boyfriend of a woman allegedly murdered by her identical twin has given a chilling new insight into the siblings’ “toxic”, chaotic relationship.

American exercise gurus Alexandria and Anastasia Duval (aka Alison and Ann Dadow), achieved international notoriety earlier this year after Alexandria was charged with murdering Anastasia by intentionally driving their SUV off a cliff in Hawaii.

Charges were initially dropped against the 38-year-old, who then fled to upstate New York, but were reinstated two weeks ago following the emergence of unspecified new evidence.

Eyewitnesses who had been driving behind the sisters told investigators the pair appeared to be engaged in a physical fight and that Anastasia (who was in the front passenger seat) could be seen pulling her sister’s hair in the seconds before the fatal plunge.

For Keith Weiss, hearing those details was like déjà vu; he had experienced first hand what it was like to ride in a car while the warring twins were in full flight and it had been terrifying.

Alexandria, left, was driving the car that killed passenger Anastasia Duval in Hawaii on May 29 and has been charged with her murder. Prana power yoga cambridge Source:Supplied

“I get to their apartment and there’s broken glass everywhere from wine bottles and shattered glasses. Yoga camp day 11 There was blood everywhere, and the bedroom door was falling off its hinges. Yoga poses intermediate pictures Both of them were sitting on the couch when I walked in, and they were like, ‘Hey … how are you doing?’

“Alison had a bruise on her face. Uptown yoga columbus indiana I asked them if they were OK, and they were like, ‘We’re good, we’re fine. Youtube yoga today primary series We’re just watching a movie’. Face yoga before and after photos Meanwhile, all around them it’s total destruction. Pure yoga singapore schedule They seemed to not know they wanted to kill each other just minutes earlier.”

The fatal crash followed years of failed business ventures, personal bankruptcies and moves for the sisters, who first made a name for themselves as yoga instructors in Florida.

As Alison and Ann Dadow, they founded Twin Power yoga, setting up their first studio in Palm Beach Gardens in 2008 and opening a second in West Palm Beach in 2011.

“They were alpha females on top of being twins on top of being very dominating,’’ personal trainer Victor Ayala, who worked at a gym on the same floor as the twins, told The Palm Beach Post.

“They were fantastic teachers, beautiful women, but I also know they were very competitive and very strong-willed. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga sequence They seemed to have a lot of dark demons.”

“They were wolves in sheep clothing. Yoga videos for beginners reviews They used yoga as a mask. Best yoga poses for runners They wanted nothing more than to be rich and famous,’’ the former employee told The Post. Best yoga cd for weight loss india “They were very authoritative and not empowering.”

They started shooting bizarre promotional videos together while riding in a Porsche and writing unflattering segments about staff members behind their backs.

A former Twin Power yoga teacher recalled the twins berating her for making changes to a class instruction plan without their permission. Pilates plus silverlake “I walked away and they followed me into the bathroom (demanding): ‘Are you going to cry?’

“I started taking anxiety medicine to teach classes for them because they were giving me such anxiety. Yoga chicago I shouldn’t need anxiety medicine to teach yoga class. Khyf yoga therapy training program That doesn’t make any sense.’’

West Palm Beach psychic Leslie McMichael, who claimed to have acted as the twins’ spiritual adviser, told The Associated Press the show’s axing contributed significantly to their spiral into debt.

Bizarrely, they kept their business name, opening a Twin Power yoga studio in the picturesque mountain resort town of Park City but changing their names to the more theatrical sounding Alexandria and Anastasia Duval.

Park City locals were intrigued by the striking, identical blondes and business was initially good but once the novelty wore off, the cracks in their relationship began to show.

Former students at the Park City studio say classes with their pair were excruciating, with the sisters issuing rapid and conflicting instructions.

“They were teaching at the same time, speaking over one another really fast: ‘Do this, lift your arm, lower your left arm’. Yin yoga hip openers It was honestly one of the most bizarre yoga experiences I had ever had.

“They were giving instructions that didn’t seem to be making much sense to me and at the same time, they were both assisting me. Superbrain yoga download It was a very unusual experience in the yoga community … I’m sure any regular practitioner or teacher would agree.”

She also claimed the sisters would “pseudo-spiritual speak that didn’t mean anything” and noticed that “a lot of their information was incorrect — it was just incorrect.”

“It wasn’t necessarily about me,” the woman said of the vibe she got from the class. Yoga poses for beginners flexibility “(The sisters) had “a weird dynamic … I wasn’t sure if they were trying to impress me or each other”.

“I did hear other students say that they had some similar experiences to me, where they were just bizarre and chaotic and disorganised,” she said.

Alexandria Duval stands in Albany County Court in New York on November 18 after being rearrested for the murder of her identical twin sister. Anchorage yoga facebook Picture: AP Photo/Mike Groll Source:AP

Prosecutors allege Duval intentionally caused the death of Anastasia when she allegedly drove their SUV off the ocean-side Hana Highway in Maui.

Witnesses claim they saw the twins violently arguing moments before the driver seemed to suddenly accelerate and make a sharp left turn. Hatha yoga poses images The vehicle then slammed into a rock wall and plunged 200 feet to the rocks below, according to KITV in Honolulu.

After being discharged from the hospital, Alexandria was arrested and jailed in Maui on a second-degree murder charge. Ashtanga yoga benefits weight loss She had planned to plead not guilty, but a judge later ordered her release after determining there was no probable cause for a murder charge.