A tale of two countries _ pittsburgh post-gazette

During the 2000 Gore/​Bush election, my wife and I were living in Los Angeles above the Sunset Strip and we had allowed our garage to be used as a voting station for our fashionable neighbors, who included David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, David Fastino (aka Bud Bundy) and Richard Simmons, whose driver’s license revealed him actually to be named Milton.

As my wife served fresh-baked cookies to the voters, it was evident that few could conceive of George W. Yoga relaxation techniques Bush winning the election. Yoga yoga jubilee song download But I was from Pittsburgh, where Democrats were often socially conservative and Republicans, such as John Heinz and Elsie Hillman, were often progressive.

Yoga centreville md I reminded them that there were other parts of the country that were not West Hollywood.

I thought about that a lot this election season, and even more so now that I’ve been reading a bunch of post-election articles about how Democrats and people living on the coasts have to learn more about “the WWC” (white working class), and as authors talk about their fathers and uncles who spent years working their hearts out in jobs that have vanished and why they voted for Donald Trump. Basic yoga positions chart But, as I read these articles, I am beginning to fear that, rather than clarify anything, they just perpetuate stereotypes.

To some, after this election, it seems as though we are living in two separate countries. Pilates workout 30 minutes for beginners I have had a unique view of this divide, having traveled between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh for the past decade and a half since I began teaching in my hometown at the University of Pittsburgh for what I thought would be a one-year Hollywood sabbatical.

I even made a documentary about this, “My Tale of Two Cities,” which played on Capitol Hill, about the differences between Pittsburgh and L.A., and how Pittsburgh, the town that built America with its steel and invented everything from aluminum to the Big Mac, has been challenged to reinvent itself for a new age.

In the film, we used the metaphor of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” because, when I was growing up in the 1970s, Fred Rogers would show everyone on his TV program things that were made in factories around the region. Beginning yoga font By the time I came back a couple of decades later, most of those factories were gone.

Still, I cringed earlier this year when I saw L.A.-born MSNBC reporter Jason Soboroff walking around desolate parts of nearby Aliquippa, asking a couple of old Democrats where the steel mills were and what it was like when the steel industry collapsed. Yoga poses to relieve neck and shoulder pain From reports like this, people might believe that most of southwestern Pennsylvania is now a wasteland waiting to be saved.

It is true that, when we were making “My Tale of Two Cities,” there was a man working a forklift at the Warhola scrap yard — owned by Andy Warhol’s family and sitting blocks from the museum that bears his name — who said to us of the steel mills, “They could open them up if they still wanted to.” He and others like him voted this year to try to make that happen.

Fred Rogers had passed away by the time we made our film, but we spoke to David Newell, the actor who played Fred’s loyal sidekick, Mr. Yin yoga near me McFeely the mailman, and asked him, “What could Pittsburgh make now?” Ever the optimist, Mr. Yoga postures for weight loss with pictures McFeely suggested, “Who knows, maybe entertainment will be the next big thing …”

Ten years later, Pittsburgh is the town where Denzel Washington just directed the movie “Fences” and plans to film all 10 of August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle plays. Yoga poses for relaxation David Fincher is shooting his new Netflix series here. Yoga in daily life oakland ABC’s new TV series “Downward Dog” came out of a locally produced web series. Yoga studio berlin friedrichshain The Fred Rogers Co. Laughter yoga youtube dr madan kataria has reinvented itself, as well, with “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” which now is the No. Yoga exercises for back pain during pregnancy 1 children’s show on PBS and was downloaded more than 450 million times last year.

Pittsburgh is burgeoning with new companies such as Duolingo, which is changing the way people learn languages, and Schell Games, a leading independent gaming company specializing in virtual reality and transformative games that has created content for world-class companies such as Disney, the Fred Rogers Co. Dahn yoga mount prospect and Legendary Entertainment. Yoga journal conference 2016 Pittsburgh also hosts major operations centers for Google, Facebook and Uber, which is pioneering its self-driving cars here.

Even Donald Trump now acknowledges that steelmaking is no longer a labor-intensive industry because of automation, and that robots are replacing employees. Pranayama yoga by baba ramdev in hindi But he wants Americans making those robots.

When I was in college at Duke University, I had a professor, Larry Goodwyn, who was nominated for the National Book Award for “The Populist Moment,” in which he described an insurrection in the late 1800s during the shift from agrarian to industrial society.

Today, Trump populism feels like a similar reaction to the sea change we as a society are going through as we leave the industrial revolution and enter the digital-information age.

Futurist Thomas Frey has predicted that, by 2030, more than 2 billion jobs around the world will disappear. Yoga asanas for weight loss by ramdev This is why Pittsburgh has become a leader in “Remaking Learning,” which promotes modern education that incorporates the new “maker movement” into traditional schooling, realizing that most of today’s young people will have jobs that don’t yet exist.

Our real issues are not Republican vs. City yoga Democrat, or Donald vs. Dhyana yoga schedule Hillary, or Rust Belt vs. Am yoga meaghan townsend Coastal Elites. Sumits yoga grayhawk It is that we are all going through this.

Carl Kurlander is president and CEO of Steeltown Entertainment Project on the South Side (carl@steeltown.org). Prana yoga geneva He is also a senior lecturer in the University of Pittsburgh English Department.