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Contrary to popular belief, most models who grace the ramp or the big screen survive on a little more than love and fresh air. Postnatal yoga seattle A new tome on fitness and eating healthy teaches us about their food inspirations, daily munchies and fitness mantras.

Way before I became a model, I was a dancer — I learnt ballet, Bharatnatyam and contemporary dance. Ejercicios de yoga para principiantes It involved a lot exercise in the form of stretching, jumping and kicking. Yoga house piermont It was only after the birth of my child that I first entered a gym. Unity yoga pants Until then, dance alone kept me fit.

I don’t believe in any of the fad diets I read and hear about.

Face yoga for nose I just follow simple principles when it comes to my diet. Anahata yoga clothing For one, I never eat after 8 pm. Yoga hosers tour I am in bed by 10.30 pm on most nights so that I get a good rest. Videos de yoga kundalini Another rule I follow can be summed up as ‘Anything white is not always right’. Yoga centreville va So I avoid bread, pasta and cakes although I love rice and often eat white rice. Beginning yoga poses chart The third thing, I am attentive about eating mostly home-cooked food. Basics of yoga philosophy Even when I am shooting, I try to get food delivered to me from home. Yoga center for healthy living To people who complain that they cannot follow their diets or exercise routines when on the move, I say, these are just excuses. Baptiste yoga studios You just have to make time for any form of activity and stop eating the wrong stuff.

I absolutely love mutton biryani and my in-laws serve the best version of it. Yoga for runners dc Honestly, if I could, I would eat biryani daily. Yoga manly beach I also love gulab jamun and can tuck in quite a few at a time! But if I want to look my best, I certainly can’t indulge myself like that. Easy yoga poses for 2 It’s a choice I have made.

Breakfast is usually a soya or skimmed milk cappuccino with a croissant or yogurt with muesli. Morning yoga stretch routine She also loves eating her mother’s poha, upma and sabudana khichdi. Pilates plus studio budapest Lunch comprises soups, salads with chicken or tuna or quinoa tossed with veggies. Yoga nidra meditation sleep Although she lives in Italy, she seldom eats pasta. Yoga for fertility chicago Dinner is either grilled meat with veggies, a salad or sushi. Yoga lessons youtube Weekends are reserved for treats such as Indian — Chinese style fried rice or Indian food.

Having been an athlete in school helped her get back into shape after delivering her daughter. Yoga for life charlotte She lives in a beautiful beach town and taking long walks is pleasurable to her mind and keeps her in shape. Thai yoga therapy Praying and staying away from negative people are simple yet effective ways to keep you positive, an important ingredient for a good life, she says.

Madhu loves champagne, Coca- Cola, all sorts of sweets and cakes, potato chips with mayonnaise, pizza, cream biscuits, hamburgers and most of all, chillies!

There was a time after quitting modelling that I had put on a lot of weight but now I am back to my normal weight again. Yoga cd 990 I am conscious about my body – I do yoga several times a week to keep myself supple and strong. Yoga asanas for weight loss in hindi I used to run a lot but as I age, I prefer not to.

I start the day with ragi porridge with jaggery and fresh coconut or neer dosa with chutney. Yoga toronto east I neither drink tea or coffee, nor much milk. Yogasana I love eggs, avocado and fried fish. Jivamukti yoga london schedule At lunch I have brown rice and at dinner it is usually some steamed veggies, rice and fish curry. Yoga games for adults I use a bit of ghee in everything including my omelette. Yoga teacher training plano tx I have a weakness for potatoes and I love them as French fries. Pranayama video free download I also love banana chips, sesame chikis, ragi khakras and Camy potato wafers. Plus size yoga instructor These are my biggest binge-things, but the operative word here is binge. Prenatal yoga second trimester So, I eat these only once in a while. Down dog yoga lafayette la The two worst things to have are maida and refined sugar, and I mostly avoid foods that contain these two.

█ █ I use a bit of ghee in everything including my omelette. Yoga routine for flexibility I have a weakness for French fries. Running and yoga training plan I also love banana chips, sesame chikis and ragi khakras. Bikram yoga nyc flatiron But I eat these only once in a while.

I’ve created this amazing workout regime called ‘PC’s on the job workout’. Art of living yoga center I work eighteen-hour days with little or no time off. Yoga house schedule I’m never sedentary in those hours —running between set and my make-up trailer, going from one event to the next … it kind of makes up for the lack of exercising that I do! My life is my gym and my playground.

I am blessed with an amazing metabolism. Yoga statues garden That coupled with my hectic work schedule allows me to pretty much eat what I want. Artistic yoga photos I don’t ever have to think about what I’m eating or count the calories (except when I am training for a specific look), so I eat what makes me happy.

I have maintained my figure by eating good food in proper quantities and combinations. Morning yoga for beginners weight loss I don’t give up anything but I play it smart. Yoga exercises for weight loss dailymotion I only cook in mustard oil. Yoga types hatha Refined oil is used when we have guests over because not everyone likes the flavour of mustard oil. Easy yoga poses for stress I love south Indian food so much, especially Pongal, that when I was in Chennai for a show recently, I got it packed from the airport restaurant to take home to Delhi.

I don’t overdo anything. Yoga exercises at home My skin care isn’t fancy. Pilates ballet fusion I play tennis to break a sweat and sometimes take a walk with my husband. Yoga for piles problem Other than that I don’t do much, fitness wise.

I don’t like to stress out in front of anyone because no one in this busy world has time to see your ugly side. City yoga los angeles My support system comprises my mother, my husband and two extremely good friends. Yoga poses and their sanskrit names I am very close to them and they have to deal with the real me! I also consciously avoid dealing with situations that can rattle me. Baba ramdev yoga for weight loss after pregnancy It is a simple strategy of controlling outcomes where possible but it works for me!