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In India, there are few places that are as breathtakingly beautiful as Goa on Christmas eve. Yoga poses yoga journal Christmas celebrations begin in earnest around mid-December with carol singing, concerts, street decorations, illuminated village nativity scenes and Christmas markets. Yoga source palo alto schedule This, combined with its sun-kissed beaches, cheerful people and fabulously festive local traditions, makes Christmas in Goa unlike anywhere else in India. Daily yoga routine youtube So, if you do happen to decide to spend Christmas eve in Goa this year, here are a few volunteer opportunities where you can lend a hand to those in need.

 Just remember—volunteers are needed year round! 1. Youtube videos kundalini yoga basics Inspire Trust, all over Goa

The INSPIRE TRUST, an initiative by the INSPIRE PROJECT, works to encourage community cooperation and development by organizing learn-by-doing workshops (painting, pottery, theatre, photography, dance, films, yoga, recycling & waste management) for everybody. The Inspire Commune is an environment created to facilitate, motivate, nurture and inspire those who would like to experience, exchange, share and learn all forms of art and design. Yoga exercises for beginners dailymotion To realize this big picture, INSPIRE TRUST invites anyone and everyone who wants to share his/her knowledge and experience in any field that can transform the society for the better. Yoga blog deutsch Get more details on volunteering here. Chair yoga exercises hip replacement 2. Svaroopa yoga Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG), Siolim

On a visit to Goa in 2000, Atul Sarin, founder of WAG, was deeply affected by the sufferings endured by the stray animals on the streets. Pure yoga hong kong locations Consequently, he gave up his successful business in the UK, permanently moved to Goa, and set up Welfare for Animals in Goa. Yoga symbols dictionary Other than humanely sterilising stray animals, WAG also rescues injured, abandoned and sick animals and provides them a safe home at their shelter. Exhale yoga venice ca The best part about WAG is that they rescue all animals – dogs, cats, cows, goats, donkeys, snakes… you name it, they can do it! Check out their volunteer page for more information. Bikram yoga 3. Ananda yoga center nepal Mango Tree Trust, Mapusa

Founded in 2012, Mango Tree Goa supports and educates disadvantaged children from low-income backgrounds. Triad yoga greensboro schedule Other than running a registered pre-primary school in Mapusa for around seventy under-privileged kids, the Mango Tree Trust also provides nutritious lunch to them, ensures that they receive timely vaccinations and assists in enrolling them in local schools by providing uniforms and stationery. Sadhana yoga hudson The Mango Tree trust also run a children’s bank to encourage them to learn about the value of money and saving towards a goal. Shanti yoga If you are a person who likes children and would love to teach this is where you should be volunteering. Exhale yoga venice Read the volunteer FAQ here. Yoga in indianapolis 4. Yoga nidra meditation art of living Panjim Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Panaji

A NGO that works to rescue, vaccinate and shelter stray dogs in Panaji, PAWS’s efforts have led to many strays in Goa finding forever homes. Sahaja yoga centers in india Other than co-ordinating animal rescues and treating injured animals, PAWS also raises its voice against animal cruelty and organizes rabies awareness campaigns. Ananda yoga dunedin To volunteer, contact them through their Facebook page.

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Since it was set up in 1998 by Jo and John Hicks, International Animal Rescue has sterilized more than 30,000 dogs, 11,000 cats, and vaccinated over 60,000 dogs against rabies in Goa. Ejercicios de yoga para adelgazar Their ambulances have collected thousands of road casualties, rescued dozens of animals from wells, and treated injured animals all over Goa. Yogamatters jersey The IAR team has also made a major impact on mange, a disease which causes intense suffering and was endemic within the street dog community. Yoga sutras translation Their centre at Assagao houses over 100 adult dogs, 50 adult cats, 50 puppies, 50 kittens and 30 cows/bulls and is one of the best equipped rescue centres in India. Good yoga youtube videos Here is all you need to know about volunteering here. Yoga for neck and shoulder pain relief 7. The Primate Trust, Camurlim

Founded by Jo and John Hicks (the same founders of IAR), The Primate Trust provides long term care to orphaned, abused and injured primates. Yoga beginners youtube This work is important because the loss of natural habitat as well as human conflict has led to an increasing number of injured and orphaned monkeys. Yoga routine youtube It has been seen that baby monkeys, whose mothers have died, are either rescued by humans, or usually killed by other monkeys. Yoga reading Once rescued, they cannot go back to the wild. Jnana yoga bhagavad gita The Primate Trust takes care of such monkeys. Ramdev yoga for weight loss download Here are the details of the unique volunteering experience this NGO offers. Yoga classes londonderry nh Please note that one must be vaccinated against rabies to volunteer.

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