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If you use cannabis and practice yoga then I’m sure you already know the two are a match made in heaven. Ejercicios de yoga para relajarse I’ve been doing yoga for the past 5 years and there have only been a handful of times that I’ve done yoga without cannabis. Bikram yoga locations melbourne They just compliment each other so well! If you’re not familiar with combining the two, I’m here to tell you not just why they’re a match made in heaven, but also how to use them together in the best possible way.

To start this off: anyone reading this is significantly more likely to know what cannabis is but not yoga.

Yoga forum Yoga is not and will never be meant for the flexible, it’s merely a means of getting to that point. Bikram yoga richmond hill Yoga literally means “to yolk”, which in layman’s terms means meditation. Power yoga poses to lose weight It’s purpose is to clear your head because let’s get real, as much as we like to tell ourselves that we’ve got life managed and we’re in control, we’re fooling ourselves. Easy yoga poses for back pain Add Cannabis to the equation and you’ve got yourself the cutest couple since peanut butter and jelly.

Hatha yoga is one of the original movement based yogas. Yoga practice quotes Yoga was originally about stillness and meditation. Prana power yoga cambridge schedule When movement was added to the practice of yoga, it was titled “Hatha”. Yoga near reading ma Hatha means sun and moon; balancing of both the masculine and the feminine. What is meditation used for In Hatha yoga movements are slow and postures are held for a few breaths. Yoga today free class Considering the balance of stillness and movement, adding an even split hybrid strain adds another aspect of balance. Iyengar yoga asanas beginners Not only does it align symbolically but the high received from an even split hybrid compliments the Hatha yoga flow gracefully. Yoga in daily life the system Yin Yoga and Indica Strains

Yin Yoga has very little movement and is very grounding. Hot box yoga schedule Most postures are on the floor, held for multiple minutes and the purpose is not to actually engage your muscles but to relax them and “sink” into poses in order to reach the deep connective tissue within the body. Yoga vinyasa flow beginner Just like Hatha, it’s pairing with cannabis is not only symbolically fitting but conducive to what is actually taking place. Yoga tropics pacific beach Indica, having it’s own relaxing effect, can enhance the relaxing effects Yin yoga. Yoga for runners hips Vinyasa Yoga and Sativa Strains

Vinyasa yoga is the opposite of Hatha and Yin Yoga. Yoga freehold nj Vinyasa is made up of movement and breath; each movement is done with either an inhale or exhale and pretty much the whole practice is guided by these inhales and exhales. Yoga haven clapham It builds energy and awakens the body rather than relaxing, calming and grounding, making it almost aerobic. Yoga stretches for lower back pain relief Sativas naturally fit Vinyasa but be mindful; it’s a heart pumping practice and too much sativa could render the purpose of yoga useless if consumed recklessly. Nidra yoga youtube Restorative Yoga and High CBD strains

Restorative yoga is great for those with injuries or those just getting started with yoga. Unity yoga vancouver Props, bolsters and blankets are usually involved in order to assist in getting into poses that your body is not familiar with. Yoga dance nyc When I’ve fallen off the “yoga wagon”, I usually get started again by going to a Restorative class. All about yoga brunswick You don’t move with your breath but you also don’t stay in the poses for long periods of time. Yoga core workout youtube Restorative is more about treating your body with TLC when it’s in a fragile state, hence a high CBD strain is a perfect pairing. Moksha yoga winnipeg classes High CBD strains are great for pain, relaxation and healing; combined with the gentle poses of Restorative yoga, the medicinal effects of CBD are bound to have you feeling fresh and rejuvenated by the time your practice is over.

Combining cannabis and yoga has been going on for hundreds of years; multiple gurus have talked about it in their teachings and classes and in some states there are even businesses based around cannabis and yoga ( Highly Zen in Portland, Oregon and Ganjasana in Denver, Colorado). Yoga baby names However, more important than anything is being good to your body. Balance yoga If combining the two isn’t working for you in one way or another, don’t force it. Yoga room schedule Part of yoga is self awareness and if you’re inexperienced you could do more damage than good, defeating the purpose of both cannabis and yoga.