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The Holidays can be filled with family and friends, love, fun, laughter, and excitement. Yoga pants girl instagram Many of us have come to understand that distraction and stress can overwhelm us and cause quite the opposite sending us a path that is far from what we desire.

EverFit empowered clients know that a healthy lifestyle and our state of being is a choice.

Baptiste yoga boston How we show up and what we choose to do everyday can shape our overall experience and ultimately the experience of the ones around us. Yoga pictures for three We can choose powerful action that supports our goals and desires or we can let the distractions, stress, and our circumstances overwhelm us and suck the fun right out of the season.

It is for this reason that we want to share with you some tips that you can choose to adopt into your life over the next couple of weeks to keep you feeling happy, healthy, and free to experience the holidays exactly the way you desire. Yoga meditation youtube TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF:

Although spending time withe friends and family is essential, its also important to have at least 5 minutes (I recommend 15) to yourself to relax, take a deep breath, and just be still. Yoga types of breathing Try practicing deep breathing exercises when you feel stressed out. Anahata yoga riverside Take a quick walk around the block, exercise, do a few yoga poses, read a positive story, write a bit about what you love about the holidays or what you are grateful for. Yoga space AVOID DIETS AND LOSING WEIGHT:

One of the most important keys to staying on track is to avoid trying to lose weight or restrict your food intake. Yogafit broken arrow If you enjoy your favorite foods in small portions, you’ll feel more satisfied. Anusara yoga near me Trying to stay away from certain foods may leave you feeling deprived which may cause you to eat more than you intended. Yoga room berkeley ENLIST A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER TO EXERCISE WITH YOU:

Walking and talking with a friend can be a great way to burn off calories and redirect your stress. Hata yoga isha Plus a partner is a great way to stay accountable. Back bay yoga Most often you will not skip your workout if you have a scheduled time to workout and socialize. Kula yoga AVOID THE BLAME GAME:

Too often we blame everything else on why we gain weight; the Holidays, our Aunt Betty’s famous pecan pie, and alcohol at every function to name a few. Circle yoga Well, these types of things are around us all year round. Yoga for stomach ache There is no-one but you choosing unhealthy habits during the season. Kundalini yoga miami We end up believing that is we splurge during the Holidays, then we will officially fall off the wagon and be doomed to living a life in elastic banded stretchy pants all our lives. Sivananda yoga centre london The key to being healthy is to live healthy between the Holidays and beyond. Santa monica yoga works If you commit to living in optimal health 80-90% of the time and adopt healthy habits consistently you can punch the Holidays in the face and laugh as you excel and succeed all your way into the New Year. Dhyana yoga phila Stop blaming everyone and everything else and start saying “I desire to be a healthy, fit, and vibrant person. Best yoga asanas for lower back pain I choose my actions. Maha yograj guggulu benefits Today I will indulge but it doesn’t change what and who I am and desire to be.” Take responsibility and love yourself enough to say “No” to seconds and choose to be satisfied with one piece of pumpkin pie. Yoga for good sleep by ramdev SAY “NO” WHEN NECESSARY

Sometimes we need to set boundaries. Yin yoga hip series When you are actually saying “NO” you are saying “YES” to yourself. Mysore yoga Honestly and clearly communicating what you will and will not do and can and cannot do for yourself and others. Yoga sakti salem This is important to any healthy lifestyle. Paragraph on yoga in english Saying this simple word will prevent some pretty undesirable outcomes and keep you feeling empowered throughout the Holiday Season. Corporate yoga boston Keep your desires close to you and practice taking powerful stands for what you want. Yoga mandala calgary If you truly do not desire to do something express it and kindly refuse. Yoga positions for two Overbooking yourself and taking on too many activities for others while neglecting yourself and your own desires will quickly become physically and emotionally draining and set you up for some less than desirable outcomes. P90x yoga video online STAY IN THE POSITIVE ZONE:

EverFit Empowered clients know what being in the positive zone creates. Sangha yoga toms river When we think about what we can do, what we trust, like, and desire we can easily shift into constructive actions and behaviors that move us towards an outcome. Yoga for asthma baba ramdev Once we fall into the negative zone of focusing on things you can’t have or do, what you don’t want, like or trust can lead to you easily falling into actions and behaviors that prevent an outcome. Yoga for eyes ramdev The good thing is, if you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want, like, or trust you can easily start focusing on what you do want, trust, like or can do. Yoga pranayama breathing techniques You will then very easily choose actions that support you and create powerful results. Dru yoga youtube Simply becoming aware of your emotions and your thoughts can help you start to change your point of focus and you can then choose to focus on what you can and want to do and make healthy choices throughout the day. Jivamukti yoga schedule jersey city DITCH SAYING I HAVE TO ……

My clients have often been caught saying “I have to do ______”. Best yoga studio in las vegas I ask “do you really?” Whenever we find ourselves saying I have to do x, y, or z we are actually coming from a forced place of being. Yoga house houston This is what we call the “icky” feeling place to be, because it is far from being desire based. Sunstone yoga austin triangle We always have a choice to do or not to do something and it is when we live based on our desires that we take natural action to accomplish what it takes to achieve the desired outcome. Chair yoga poses I do not have to eat a healthy smoothie in the morning I choose to because I desire to have energy and nourish my body and muscles I work hard to build. Basic yoga poses for beginners at home Think about the reasons for why you truly want to do something. Ballet pilates ballet workout Ask yourself “Am I doing this thing because I am afraid of a particular outcome or experience?” When you are afraid of a particular outcome you can easily be forcing yourselves to do something. Sup yoga Punch fear out cold and choose the desire based reason for which you truly would like to do the task.

For example, “Your mother in-law insists that you have another glass of wine at dinner.” You had a plan to only drink one glass to stick your health commitment. Yoga akademin Out of fear of hurting her feelings or causing a conflict with your spouse you reluctantly accept the glass of wine and feel guilty and bummed for not taking the stand for your commitments. Nidra yoga script On the other hand you could have kindly stated your excitement about your progress in your goal and your commitment to health and kindly decline the 2nd glass. Yoga teacher training india 2015 You would be happier that you took a stand for what you desired. Ashtanga yoga teachers uk The third option would be to have the glass of wine because you believe that one more glass will not cause you to lose your course and you can choose to enjoy the evening guilt free. Postures de yoga pour maigrir TAKE THE 6 MINUTE CHALLENGE:

When you need a burst of energy and you want to get some exercise in fast, choose 4 of your favorite exercises. Yoga download reviews Do each exercise for 30 seconds quickly and repeat 3 times through. Maha yoga ardmore Feel the heat build up within you. Yoga paris 5 Do this up to 3-4 times during your day and you have a complete workout completed. Moksha yoga winnipeg kildonan Push Ups, Tricep chair dips, Squats, and Planks are some I recommend. Yoga international podcast FIND SOMETHING ENJOYABLE TO DO:

The key to long term health and wellness is to focus on the benefits you experience from adopting healthy habits. Be yoga marietta Celebrate every accomplishment, no matter what the size. Yoga fit studios Most of all find something you truly enjoy doing. Dhyana yoga philadelphia pa Dance, swim, cardio drum, weight lift, join a group class and make sure you find it very fun and fills you with joy. Yoga edinburgh marchmont Why force yourself to fill everyday with activities you dislike. Vinyasa flow yoga class sequence These activities will not keep you fit for the long haul. Yoga poses for upper back and shoulder pain Small Group fitness is always a great way to enjoy working out together while enjoying the instruction of an expert who can support you along the way. Shilpa yoga dvd download CREATE SOMETHING NEW:

Who says new traditions cannot be created. Sun yoga pose Think outside the box of the traditional gathering and activities. Amazing yoga wexford Instead of sitting in front of the T.V. Artistic yoga watching “National Lampoons” after your meal, first go out and go sledding, ice-skating, or take a walk. Shanti yoga store wien Outdoor scavenger hunts are always fun just remember to ask people to bring a change of clothes and outdoor attire. Basic yoga poses for beginners youtube Create social gatherings that have activity like laser tag. Slogans on yoga in english Start a dance party with the relatives playing their favorite songs. Yoga asanas names list This is a great way to bring out your inner child again at the Holidays. Surya yoga Ask a few people to bring a healthy new dish to the party. Y2 yoga schedule charlotte Whatever you choose align it with your healthy lifestyle goals and you are sure to succeed.

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